Does anyone use reworked Savanged Shot?

I can’t recall the new name but as you all know the talent has been reworked from giving an extra shot to 15% temporary ranged power boost.

Is there any occasions that you’d use it now other than pure curiousity reason?

Nah, on engi its never going to be better than leading shot ( great boss damage) or armor piercing (horde clear), never.

10% melee power is decent but its rather small for a character who aims to mainly use his ranged stuff and 15% extra ranged power via that condition vs leading or piercing just isnt an equal comparison.

For hordes its like…you´ll be dealing a few extra points of damage on each shot vs leading doubling your damage for each extra targets pierced. On bosses? A few points of extra damage on each shot does not compare to that crit rate.


Yeah I agree with @Frostysir. There’s not a situation where it would be worth it over the other two talents on that row.

It might have use if it were on a different row, but it’s so boring it should just be replaced. Please give it another go FS. You can do better than this dead talent.


old scavenged shot would have worked well with trollhammer, it probably got changed because of it
I’d happily see it return even if it meant a trollhammer nerf/rework

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combine bombardier into current Combined arms slot. making that tree dedicated to damage specialty. Add old Scavenged shot as it was to old Bombardier slot, making that tier Engi’s Build defining talent line. Maybe buff piston power too, say crits reduce cooldown of PP

My suggestion for a trait to replace: ranged attacks ignite enemies with a small fire DoT.

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Not enough to compete with leading or piercing shots unless you allow minigun to stack burns, at which point it´s overpowered.

Piercing shots = 100% more damage on a lot of shots against a horde.

Leading shots = …Dont actually know how much it is exactly but its a lot of damage against targets that survive more than 1-2 shots.

Frostysir makes a good point as to why there is little reason to use the reworked talent.

If I were to make a suggestion to replace it, it would be a combination of Handmaiden’s ‘Focused Spirit’, and Bounty Hunter’s ‘Prized Bounty’, whereby if the OE doesn’t take any damage for 10-15 seconds, he is granted a buff that is consumed in place of ammunition, for his next ranged attack.

This presents him with an alternative to Scavenged shot that is not as easily exploitable, seeing as though he may damage himself with the trollhammer when in confined space so as to reset the cooldown. What with the combination of ‘Leading Shot’ and Scrounger, I don’t think Fatshark worry too much about Bardin sustaining too much ammunition.

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If the talent can’t have crits or free shots for fear of breaking ammo economy (and an actually decent power boost for similar reason), it could at least give engineer fast reloads. All the non-drake weapons have medium to long reload times and engineer has no ways to speed up his reload.
I don’t know if it can be made, but ideally it’d just be a buff with no timeout that speeds up a single reload and disappears afterwards, so that you have no rush to disengage out of melee to use the boost.

The description for the ability is off in that it says every 5 melee kills when it’s actually every 5 melee hits. The stacks also immediately begin accumulating again when it reaches 5, so overall the 15% ranged power has a lot more uptime then it looks. It’s a perfectly viable talent to use with certain loadouts or to pop it to burn down bosses and waves faster with the crank gun.

Most of the ranged weapons Engi uses aren’t affected by 15% power to hit any significant breakpoints. It may help MWP to overcome some distances but that’s about it. Other than that 15% power only means anything on crankgun doing monster dmg, then again we have Leading Shots which is simply better at that, not to mention that crits come with extra armor dmg and Hunter proc.

Scanvenged Shot used to be an interesting addition for Engi’s 10lv talent because it was the only talent on that line which didn’t sheerly focus on crankgun. As for now it’s just another crankgun talent and is overshadowed by Leading Shots. +10% melee power is the only thing Combined Arms can offer over Leading Shots, but we all know how insignificant that is on Engi. When he puts out melee weapon it’s for survival, and having 10% more power doesn’t change what melee means for Engi.

All I know is that handgun and shotgun engineer went into the bin almost completely (though armor piercing slugs at least has something to offer the handgun). For the sake of a DLC weapon separate from his purchase. Why?

Likely because it’s more effective. The crank gun can deal with hordes & berserkers (the primary use of the shotgun) and to an extent with specials (the primary use of the handgun), but struggles against armor (the gromril shots talent isn’t really worthwhile). Torpedoes solve that issue though, on top of being able to disperse mobs and knock monsters around. It’s just a very good pick that complements the crank gun.