What's the reason behind 'Scavenged Shot' rework?

I’m not completely against the rework because I believe devs have proper reason behind it, but I would appreciate if devs elaborate their thoughts a little because it was my favorite perk on Handgun Engi build.

Was the perk too strong? Too weak? Was it considered not fun? I would miss the great feeling of firing Handgun two times in a row…

Thanks in advance for any kind of responses. And I wish you guys would not see it as ‘Oh no don’t ever make any changes!’ kind of post. I support your decision and who knows, I might like the new perk even more.

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Half expecting the reason to be the addition of Trollhammer


Oh… that makes sense. Thanks for enlightening me.

Wait how was it changed and where are you getting this info?

What changed?

In the pre-release CW build, the talent has been replaced

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Royale W/Cheese answered in the local subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Vermintide/comments/ms1tsi/forgotten_relics_dlc_guide/gur7ail?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

Scavenged shot now allegedly grants ranged power on melee kill for a couple secs. barf. Ranged power, not even AP shots like from a strength pot. Can Engi mains unionize? Scavenged shot now has nothing to do with scavenging shots. Why nerf an already underpowered and niche class? Seems to me like the new talent will just be inconsistent buff for reaching breakpoints. hardly worth it.


That sounds kinda underwhelming tbh… and I think lot of Engi players would feel the same. It’s beta, so I guess nothing is fixed yet and devs will work on it to make it a bit more viable.

Yeah infinite ammo torpedo launcher does not sound stupid at all. Really I’m not surprised they changed it but if that’s the new talent then its bit underwhelming.

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Oof that is disappointing. Double shot handgun and triple shot grudge raker were something quite unique only he could go with those guns.

Obviously we can all see why the old version would be problematic with trollhammer, but I hope they can come up with a more interesting, impactful substitute and don’t leave it as ranged power.


I’ve suspected for a long time Fatshark is no longer capable or willing to make changes like that to code. Any changes have to be very simple or reuse other things. Directly identifying a single weapon out of many would be too complex. This is why Serrated Shots says “Regular arrows cause enemies to bleed for extra damage” instead of saying “Arrows cause enemies to bleed for extra damage. Does not work with the Hagbane Shortbow”. It’s because they can’t get a talent to distinguish weapons from each other on an individual level like that, instead having to use more global elements to do so. It’s why a fixed Bloodfletcher would copy and past Scrounger’s effect instead of appropriately tailored ammo returns for each ranged weapon (no offense to Alsozara, I think it’s a great idea actually, just wish Fatshark didn’t get into a corner).

Of course I could be completely wrong. These are just talent descriptions and I don’t know what the code looks like.


Honestly, yeah. I dunno why anyone would ever take this talent now.

How big is the power and how long is the duration?

If it’s something dumb like between 10% - 20% ranged power for 2 seconds then it’s a dead talent, engi is strong enough to hit all kinds of breakpoints already.

The patch has dropped and I guess the change has been made… 15% power increase for the next shot fired within 10sec instead of a free shot.

It’s 15% power (ranged only) for 10 seconds after 5 melee kills.

Wait is it for the next shot only?

'Every 5 melee kill makes Bardin’s next Ranged attack grant 15% Ranged Power for 10 seconds.’

‘Ranged attack’ is without ‘s’ so I thought it applied to the next shot only. I might be wrong. Either way I find it a very hard talent to utilize, because afaik Bardin’s only ranged weapon that would benefit much from 15% power increase is Crossbow, and Engi can’t use it. All the other weapons can either oneshot enemies regardless of it(MWpistol and Handgun) or has no actual breakpoints to utilize 15% power increase(Drakegun, Shotgun and Crankgun. They touch things, they kill things if they can. If they touch things they can’t kill, 15% doesn’t make any difference).

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They seem very concerned to make trollhammer have limited ammunition. Would be lots of fun on ranger veteran, but nope, career locked.

They just changed it so people dont use it with Torpedo and get OP. Tbh that was a huge overkill. They could easly exclude the talent to work with Torpedo, like they did for other weapons and other careers. Asked on stream and one of the devs said they will look into this cuz he thinks that might’ve been an overkill as well but who knows if they will go back. Honestly it was great talent, I get that it would be OP with torpedo but cmon. Just exclude the talent so it doesnt work with Torpedo. That change was unnecessary.

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If it was for “balance” reason, they didnt go the full route. Leading Shots can be used to have infinite ammo and auto crits on Trollpedo every time. Just use your Gattling for the setup and trigger the crit on the Torpedo. The only thing you don’t get is the ability to not care about reloads.

In my opinion, changing the Talent was a complete waste. Atleast there would have been some choice in line 2. Right now its always Leading Shots no matter what.

Leading Shots was fixed and now it should properly use the buff on Torpedo and reset the 4 shot cycle.