Can we talk about the most OP weapon in the game since the Engi update?

Bombs !

Their damage is totaly insane, oneshot SV and oneshot CW if you’re under a strengh potion buff. They’re basicaly a “free escape card” that any career can use against any kind of threat. The only thing that keep them in check is their relativly small aoe against big/spread patrols.
I’m glade that they’re strong, it allow you to still perform well against armored/superarmored foes when it mather the most eventho you dont have a good AP melee weapon. From this perspective i think it’s a"good" change.

But now i wonder, doesn’t it make all patrols extremely trivial to deal with? 2 nades or 1 nade+strengh pot and they are gone, regardless of your career. I don’t think they’re rare enough to make them this strong.

The thing is,round nade damage was doing the damage it’s supposed to do on Legend and below,broken on Cata(Veteran numbers iirc?).So the damage numbers you’re seeing rn is what it’s supposed to do.


I guess FS will always find a new way to suprise me when it comes to bugs. I’m still amazed by the ammount of damage, i m pretty sure 1 bomb doesnt oneshot SV in legend, i suppose they were also bugged in that difficulty.

I’m pretty sure it does, especially on legend and if you have that double functionality talent.
Still I would not single out bombs as OP. There’re too many nominees from the Engi’s stable.

I thought this thread was about the cog hammer TBH.

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