We have to talk about Ingenious Ordnance!

Is it really intended that you can just use your Trollhammer Torpedo without doing friendly fire? Cause you can just run around with conservative shooter and grenadier trait to clear all hordes with the torpedo what is really damn annoying…

Edit: direct damage of the torpedo deals friendly fire but the aoe not, what still makes others use the torpedo to clear hordes.

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This is not gona be a good thing hey :sob:

I guess my banlist will expend then for every trollhammer engineer who has a too good aim and uses it excessively also for headshotting hordes running conservative shooter + grenadier.

Really sad to read this.

Before doing this(hosting) i got insta-kicked by a SoT when joining XD

Me neither tbh.

As for the biggest issue, being able to bomb wildly was pretty crazy, i still feel like i miss crank stacks falling off 1 by 1 but bomb generation + no FF +trollhammer is nuts anyhow.

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I mean i cant blame the sott,

I always supported the idea of a rework in the forums but also i always said to people who argued he is weak that he is pretty strong damagewise but clunky and the clunkiness had to be adressed. What did we get? Straight up damage buffs and the result is reddit forum is on fire because of this.

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