About "Gromlie-Plated Shot" and "Linked Compression Chamber" Talents of Outcast Engineer

After playing as him awhile

  • “Gromlie-Plated Shot” feels just inferior compared to even a bare Crank Gun (MK II).

    • Its accuracy needs a huge buff.
    • or Make its shots explodes on hits anything.
    • or Explodes when its shot is near the enemy.
    • And it needs more shots per ult charge.
    • or Its damage should be increased.
  • “Linked Compression Chamber” is better than bare Crank Gun (MK II), but that’s all.

    • Not sure about this. Maybe give it an auto ult charge generation?

My guess is that Gromril plated shots would be better if it could pierce heavy armor, and maybe it should.
The other 2 talents are both good in their own way (admittedly I haven’t played him much on cata)

I find itextremely useful and satisfying to use. So theres a different opinion.

While explosive shots could be fun, it would be too strong due to the dps increase vs hordes and would be a friendly fire nightmare. Avoiding hitting allies with explosive rounds would be no small feat.

Personally I think Gromril-Plated Shots is too effective vs regular armour. Throw Armour Piercing Slugs on top and OE deletes a non Norscan-pat in what feels like 3 seconds, but its super armour damage is very bad. I’d buff its superarmour dps by a small amount, nerf its regular armour damage and buff its fire rate a little.

This fits in with the theme of less micro that the melee build mostly supports. So long as it’s slower than the passive ult charge generation other careers get and so long as Pressure stacks still increase the ult charge speed it could be good.

Linked Compression Chamber pairs well with a melee build, so anything mobility related could work. Might be neat if it gave the effect Slayer’s Barge does while firing the crankgun (staggering chaff enemies when dodging).

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I personally go with Linked Compression Chamber, just because it feels better than either of the level 30 talents. I think it’s fine as is. I can’t really seem to like Innovative Ammo Hoppers because of the speed ramp, and I really don’t notice the on-kill-specials ability (and I’m gonna be cranking anyway for Experimental Steam Capacitor).

Gromril-plated shot would be better if they doubled the speed and halved the damage. Right now it just feels extremely clunky to use for like 2 enemies.

Another options are:

“Gromlie-Plated Shot” - Make light attacks as fast as Kruber’s repeater handgun light attacks.

“Linked Compression Chambe” - Also grants +15% dodge radius and increases effective dodges to 10. Killing an enemy grants +10% movement speed for 5 sec.

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I think the engineer feels fine where it is. Most of the criticisms against engineer are things I personally don’t encounter when I play. Really the only talents I struggle to see as good are Superior Gaskets, Full Head of Steam, Scavenged Shot, and Gromril-Plated Shot. Currently I run Leading Shots, Experimental Steam Capcitors, and Linked Compression Chamber for maximum uptime and okay armor penetration and have a grand time.

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Been using Gromil-plated for the past two weekends, and there’s something that I started doing recently that makes the weapon feel better. Instead of holding down LMB, I instead hold down RMB to prespin while tap-tap-tapping LMB. It improves responsiveness, accuracy, and shot discipline. I pretty much only hold down LMB for Bosses and CWs.

Curious if others that are complaining about the weapon’s clunkiness have tried this.

I do Head Full of Steam, Leading Shots, Gromil-Plated and pair it with the Drakegun. TBH, I prefer Drakegun’s Horde Clear to Crank Gun’s, and I think Gromil-Plated compliments it better

I think Gromril plated shot is very effective during mixed horde, two shot stormvermin really helps, as well as stagger and kill chaos warriors.
And yes the normal steam gun is good against trash, but trash is never a problem if there are no specials or elites.
So choose Gromril shot if you gotta deal with everything, choose normal shot if you got crazy sniping huntsman, BH or Waystalker on your team.

It’s worth pointing out the normal crank gun is also much better at dealing with berserkers and maulers, which are by no means small threats. It also seems to do better boss damage than Gromril Plated Shots in most instances. Gromril definitely feels to me like it’s trading a lot for fairly little in return. If it sniped specials better or did passable damage to CWs it might be a different story, but as is I think it’s arguably the worst choice in that row. It’s undeniably extremely strong at dispatching SV, warp fire, and rattlings (if not miles away) though. That’s only a few enemies out of many though so it’s really not enough to cement it as a worthwhile option.

The thing is that with 2 ranged weapons and a melee, Engineer can afford to take weapons that are more specialized. Me personally, alongside Gromil-plated, I also take Drakegun, Axe + Shield, and Piston Power (probably not the strongest talent in that row, but it’s so damn fun to use).

So with that kit:

Trash - Drakegun, also pushing with Axe+Shield to create space for it. I also do this weird thing where I jump around with the Drakegun, charging it in midair for short bursts when I land. Keeps me a little mobile in combat, and I find that little mobility helps reduce instances of that one jerk slaverat poking me in the back. Which, btw, is actually why I like Ammo Hoppers the least since it’s the horde clear option that keeps your back exposed for the longest. The slow ramp-up really encourages you to commit to long bursts, and I find as Engineer, it’s the one jerk slaverat behind me is what I take damage from the most.

SV and equivalents: Yeah, Gromil-plated tears these guys apart. Axe + Shield is also pretty decent against them.

Specials: Gromil-Plated vs. Regular Crank, Gromil is much better against Ratling Guns and Warpfire throwers, better at sniping leeches and sorcerers, but I think I’d prefer regular Crank against Assassins and Hookrats.

Beserkers: Regular Crank, particularly Linked Compression Chamber, is definitely a lot better here. If I get some generous distance I’ll use Gromil-plated, but often I find myself swapping to Axe + Shield, and moving to intercept so I can stagger lock them with pushing to protect thier target. I want to try push -> Piston Power next few times I face them to see how that goes, I’ve been mainly just spamming push since experience has taught me trying to sneak in attacks often ends in tragedy.

CWs: Gromil-plated isn’t amazing against CWs, but I’d still characterize it as effective and the existence of Grail Knights, Shades, and Bolt Staffs doesn’t change the fact that it’s effective. It stagger locks them with body-shots as long as they aren’t in an animation and take about half your ult bar to kill. Eh, shrug I’ll take it. I also use the concoction trait, and Gromil-Plated does much better with a potion on - normally being able to kill several in a patrol. Piston Power is really good against them though, but it sometimes gets me in trouble because I get too eager to use it.

Monsters: Crank’s better, but idk Gromil is still pretty decent, particularly with concoction. I think like a lot of Engineers I find myself pulling aggro pretty regularly, so I’m often just tanking it with Axe + Shield and knocking it around with Piston Power.

So that’s my kit and how Gromil-plated fits into it. Really for me, it comes down to the fact that I prefer Drakegun to the regular Crankgun, since I think Drakegun has more staying power (particularly with venting) , and is easier to use in a chaotic melee. Gromil-plated pairs better with Drakegun so that’s what I run.

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I, too, would like a wee bit more accuracy, better ramp up speed, and cheaper cost per shot would go a long way for GPS.

LCC is actually fine as is. Great for burst against unarmored elites and specials. With concoction it can basically do the same thing to a patrol that GPS can do. Short burst time but short recharge time as well.

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