Gromril-Plated Shots

I feel that some attention should be given to this talent. By picking this, OE loses his powerful horde-clearing tool and a strong monster burst and gains the amazing ability to kill Stormvermin faster (while still being completely ineffective against Chaos Warriors and Wargors), which the Handgun and MWP with Piercing Shots and Torpedo can already do well enough while still having the regular crankgun for hordes and monsters. Perhaps a simple accuracy boost would bring it up to par with the other talents, and would make it much better to use with his other ranged weapons that lack reach.
:slight_smile: And on the topic, i know this is nitpicking, but on the icon of the GPS talent it shows a round leaving the gun with spin effects behind it, implying that it is rifled, and therefore should be able to at least hit reliably beyond a few dozen meters, no? :slight_smile:


Agreed. GPS does good armor dmg but not against super armor, which essencially mean that it’s good at killing SV and BG but nothing else.

Improving it’s accuracy would solve many problems. It will be able take down CW and SB using reasonable amount of steam guage with headshots, monster dmg can be potentially increased, yet it will still not be as good aginst hordes and unarmored elites.

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