Bounty hunter - double-shotted no longer refund cd

A new bug or unlisted nerf?


Unbelievable lmao.


Seems like it got an internal CD from my limited testing. Good thing it properly explained like everything in this game.

Edit2: Flat out doesn’t work as client. Very nice FS.

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Didn’t test it all that much. Maybe 10 seconds. I could be wrong, because I couldnt get it to proc on the same doll more than once.

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Another thing kind of related is that just reward no longer seems to proc itself from the career skill.

Edit: This could be related to the career skill failing to give you CD (double shotted) as a client though. Heck if I know.

Edit2: I might be mistaken, but it feels like they’ve finally brought up the damage on non double shotted though. Now the regular career skill is half the damage of double shotted, when it used to be 1/4.

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