What's the point of the Repeater Pistol & Volley Crossbow?

This isn’t a rhetorical question, why would one use them over the Crossbow & Brace of Pistols?


Seeing your registration date, you weren’t here when they were good weapons. :smiley:


As of right now the only reason I can think of is fun for Legend on down.
Still usable and effective in the those difficulty’s but not considered “meta.”
BBB2 please.


He makes a good point. What is Fatshark’s idea for them? What purpose or role are they supposed to serve? It’s conceivable that FS could turn the repeater alt fire into a shotgun type of thing. That would make it useful. However, I cannot imagine what Volley Xbow would be used for.


Right now? To nerf yourself.


Sadly, it’s like nothing more than a placeholder, for now.

There was a “Delete CW” build for BH w/ repeater pistol some days before. Is it still valid (for cata)?


I think that validated the nerf that made the weapon useless in the end.


It still kind of works, but the crossbow does the same job more efficiently : less reload, less wind-up to the OS, more ammo (as in actually useful ammo), more precise.

You can still one shot CWs on cata but most of the pellets have to hit their head afaik, which makes it kind of meh. It also requires a lot of stat investment (Hunter as well).

The below is my opinion.
I think the core idea behind the Repeater Pistol is the theme of a Bounty Hunter always getting their mark. In gameplay terms, that would mean the alt-fire always oneshotting with crits and being more ‘consistent’ than other ranged weapon which require headshots, at the cost of requiring those crits to be as effective.
This theme overlaps with what the Crossbow does exceedingly well - consistent single target deletion at range when Blessed Shots is up without headshots (lol bodyshotting sv on high Chamon Weaves). May or may not be important when it comes to balancing it.

It could be made into a horde deleter with more horde penetration, for a more ranged reliant Bounty Hunter playstyle, but it would have to not overlap with Volley Crossbow and not just be a more ammo efficient BoP. Making it’s alt-fire more shotgun-like might be interesting.

The normal fire is good for reactive play like BoP, arguably better against infantry specials for reactive play (at close range), but with it’s damage drop-off it plays like a less accurate BoP with a lower clip when used for that purpose.

Idk about Volley.

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I still cry for volleybow. A weapon that at one time had at least some niche as a boss killer. Testing with creature spawner it barely out dps’s the crossbow in boss damage lol, and boss deletion it what your Ult does best anyway so even if volleybow did actually excel at boss damage it’d still be irrelevant.

So to answer your question there is no point in taking volley bow, it’s basically just worse at everything than crossbow. I know this is a little off topic now but personally I’d love to see its cleave buffed and reload speed reduced so it could at least have some identity as a horde slayer, which is actually something none of his current range weapons are good at.


For variety. They are weaker but something different.

Ah, it’s you again.
Thank you for your valuable input.
Volley was viable on BH back when he had the reload talent.
Also repeater was good on BH when he could refund all 8 ammo on a blessed shot and with the old one-shot CW build.


He can still refund all 8 bullets, but it’s quite difficult to one-shot CW with it since you have to get most of the bullets to hit the head, which is quite hard with a moving CW.

Tried playing both of these recently, and find it hard to make use of them. The Cleave to Ranged Weapons nerf did a right job on Volley. Repeater was always difficult to make work.

My suggestion is to make Volley deal more damage if all 3 bolts hit something, making it a Boss/Elite killer.

Repeater Pistol, just increase the damage slightly or add Crit% to the Charged shot.


Repeater is still good in cata qp and legend qp with no ammo used on passive talent and alt fire and hunter, it’s more melee heavy but still can do lots of dmg ( needs a bit more effort and micromanaging then just cross spam). Volley is just too slow a reload, and bad because of that.


Repeater was considered the weapon of choice for a while. Blessed Shot was fantastic for the gun. Having been there for it, I do-so recall the very times Palesz is talking about. Right now they’re not stellar, as OP and many have mentioned, but they’re still usable if you want to use them.

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Lame man.


The BoP is still good :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside, the Volleybow and Repeater Pistol were fine-tuned for 1.6 Bounty Hunter and then looked over when the game went to 2.0

Volley needs its reload reduced. Right now it’s a 6 second reload, right? I would never, ever, ever bring a weapon with a reload speed that long into Cata, even if there’s an infinite ammo meme build for it on Zealot, it ain’t worth it. You get enough time to kill, what, 7 rats in a horde or 1 elite or special at close range, and then you’re back in melee (where a zealot belongs, tbf). To hell with that.

Repeater Pistol is in a pretty crappy state, too. The wind up for the alt-fire is too long, damage drop-off is too steep, next to no cleave. It’s like this weapon is not allowed to be efficient as a horde clearer or an elite/special killer. A good while back I had a convo where someone suggested running it on zealot and only focus on close range specials with quick fire. Yeah, you can get off 3-4 shots off on an assassin or hookrat pretty dang fast, but that still means at 30% - 35% or more power that weapon is still dumping 4 out of 42 bullets into an enemy, that’s like 10ish enemies before you run out of ammo unless you alt-fire to take out berserker packs, which becomes 8 shots to kill 2-3 if the enemies lines up.

Also scrounger/conservative shooter, the ammo efficiency of Crossbow and Brace of Pistols is extremely good. Repeater Pistol will always spend more bullets to kill an enemy than it can get back, so it just runs out so fast without BH’s passives. So what’s left, use it with Barrage against a boss? meh


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