What's the point of the Repeater Pistol & Volley Crossbow?

Saltz range weapons all need a looking at.

Xbow - is fine. Exact copy of Bardin’s. If it’s OP, it’s because of BH, not the XBow.

Brace - Still too good at everything. Snipes as well as it DPSes bosses. IMO I would increase the damage back up so it’s as deadly as it was in 1.6 (boss melter) but give it a sharp damage falloff so it’s no good at range. This makes sense since pistols have short barrels = slower bullets anyway.

Repeater Pistol - No idea. I kind of like it for the shotgun effect, but it only gets like 4 shots unless it’s BH. Maybe range falloff can help balance this too?

Repeater Xbow - Also no idea. It’s slower the the repeater pistol, but fills the same rapid fire role, but has less ammo, and a less useful secondary. Maybe it could fill a hybrid role between Xbow and reblance Brace, a jake-of-all-trades weapon. But that depends on those being changed first.

I’d say that it doesn’t. Typical large bore black powder pistols are known to have muzzle velocities of around 250m/s which lies significantly below the trans-sonic region and close to the subsonic gap which actually might present an optimal atmospheric drag situation depending on the bullet shape and surface finish even compared with supersonic spitzer-type (pointed) bullets.
Also, the kinetic energy of a moving body depends on it’s mass and velocity squared, so a slower heavier bullet will have lower overall energy, but a better terminal ballistics picture because it both has and loses less velocity on it’s way.

What does make sense in the BoP case, however, is decreasing its the accuracy somewhat.

Also, is it me, or does crouching with BoP actually decrease it’s accuracy (it does flare up the crosshair)?

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I think it might be neat to give the repeater pistol the ability to cleave 1-2 armored targets, sort of like in V1. In the first game it was the best weapon for taking out a storm vermin patrol without a strength pot since it could kill up to 4 storms per burst. I would also like to see the burst fire animation sped up a bit.

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You’re probably thinking of repeater handgun, the repeater pistol cannot even kill one stormvermin per burst without traits proccing in V1. (8 shots per reload, 1.5 damage body, 2 damage in the head, 1 cleave, 20hp SV)

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No, I meant the repeater pistol. The burst fire on the repeater pistol in V1 does 2 damage to armor, dropping down to 1 from ranged falloff. It’s the left click single shot attack that does 1.5 damage to armor. The most common setup for repeater pistol was extra capacity, rupture, and targeteer. It could normally pierce one armored target, and with rupture allowing two additional targets to be pierced you could punch through three storms and it would stop on the fourth. As long as 10 of the 12 pellets hit, you could kill a Cata storm vermin in one burst, and if you had them funneled you could get a potential four stormvermin kills per burst.

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That sounds awesome. Really wish I was around when V1 came out.

Pre-1.6, Repeater was just as meta as xbow on BH. It was one of the stronger builds in the game.


But the issue is, you can run that same build w/ xbow and it’s better. At everything.

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Well yes. Crossbow is better.

Just fun to burst fire an elite or horde pack and then switch to melee, and it’s not only fun but still good aswell. While i know it doesn’t outperform cross spam.

Edit: sentence mistake

Yeah. I think it’s kinda fun, too. It’s just kinda bad is all. I’ve messed with changing the alt-fire to a shotgun. It’s better, but it’s definitely not amazing. Buffing the damage of the normal shot to repeater handgun levels made it way to strong. It’s definitely a tough weapon to balance. I think making the alt-fire a shotgun and leaving the left-click damage the same, but increasing its effective range may the best option.

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I think one of the biggest issue is just the ammo sustain, you can only use ‘no ammo on passive’ otherwise it’s pretty bad, i think that’s what made it pretty good before they changed his passive, same for volley and his reload speed.


If the Crossbow on BH wasn’t so good at everything then these weapons could have a niche.

I think in this case volley and repeater should get buffed. I feel like crossbow is fine.

It’s really not good at everything. It’s good at sniping elites and specials. It doesn’t do particularly good monster damage and it doesn’t horde clear. It’s also very immobile and suffers a ton of hit punch which can be bad in some sticky situations. However, repeater pistol and volley xbow are kinda bad at everything.

Shouldn’t BH use his ult for Monsters and meta cheese them into non-existence?
The Aim punch is indeed pretty bad. How is it immobile compared to other ranged weapons?

Which is the most important thing for a ranged weapon.

It’s not terrible though, since it has piercing bolts.

How is it ‘very immobile’?

Personally I think it should just get a small reload speed reduction. It’s a bit too fast.


1 or 2 dodges at 0 percent. I guess I should have specified poor dodge.

Not really. It depends on the situation. For a melee character, yes it’s the most important thing. However, weapons like repeater pistol work without sniping. Fireball staff is very strong and isn’t a sniper. Hagbane is insane and isn’t a sniper. Shotguns are also really strong. There are many roles that you can perform with a ranged weapon.

It is. I don’t know who started this rumor that you use xbow to horde clear. It’s awful for horde clear and will deplete your ammo even on BH.

As I said before, I should have specified that it has poor dodge. As opposed to an elf weapon or BoP or something like that.

I really don’t even know how you’d justify this unless you’re trying to somehow make it worse than handgun. In that case, BoP would just become meta like repeater handgun has for kruber. Oh and poor dwarf.

Which is completely irrelevant in my opinion. How does excellent dodge help a ranged weapon?

Killing specials and elites is like the most important thing in the game, regardless of what career you play.

Who said anything about sniping? The point was that killing elites and specials was one of the most important thing for any career, and then you list a whole bunch of weapons that can do just that. You don’t have to be a sniping weapon to kill elites or specials well, but crossbow is pretty exceptional at killing elites.

I don’t think you understood me. I didn’t say you should use the crossbow for horde clear, I’m just saying that you can still get a lot of kills if you fire into a horde with a crossbow. It’s also quite good for picking out elites in a horde.

Handgun isn’t even close to crossbow. And what kind of nerf do you think I’m advocating for here? I did say small reload speed reduction, like, y’know, maybe 10-15%? Crossbow is great for dwarf and for killing specials crossbow is generally better than BoP.


Sleezy said it’s good at SNIPING elites and specials not just generally killing them.

Do you really think crossbow needs a tweak in reload speed? It’s like one of the most balanced ranged weapons out there.