I think repeater pistol need buff

Yeah repeater pistol with BH having chaos + armored + hunter can kill chaos warrior.

But repeater pistol is pretty useless even on BH when crit passive is off.

Both normal shot and charged shot has really low damage too.

Compared to repeater handgun, repeater handgun can deal better both armored and infantry both without crit and with crit.

Only good thing on repeater pistol is one shot CW per 10s and it is pretty bad at boss time and multiple special time

When you try dealing boss with it, your pistol deals too bad when passive is off so even BH, volley Xbow just superior to repeater pistol because CW is not that many in the field so your ult or your team can deal with it enough.

Also, unlikely repeater handgun, pistol is 100% useless on WHC and Zealot
I like this weapon, it is very cool with 3rd person equipment but i can’t use it because of pistol’s spec.

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Try running your repeater with hunter and aim for the head. Repeater pistol can destroy a good chunk of health rather quickly.,

try BOP or volley xbow, hunstman with repeater handgun or handgun, elf with hagbane, mage with fireball and slayer with duel axe

They are definitely deal very much than repeater pistol

Some weapons don’t function as well without breakpoints unfortunately, this is the case for both repeaters, using the right blend of anti armor / chaos / skaven it should improve drastically although I agree it could be slightly better its certainly functional.

I replied to this. All ranged weapons shouldn’t be on par when it comes to boss damage, in my opinion. The four ranged choices the Saltzpyre careers have are focusing on different things, but all round if you go with an ok build you can do plenty of damage in most situations with BH. You shouldn’t really be able to do more.

On Zealot and WHC you can use the somewhat OP Brace of Pistols or the superb Crossbow, depending on your preferences.

I just think it needs more ammo.

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Imo the biggest issue with repeater pistol is that outside of its alt fire and blessed shots, its pretty weak without using % against on gear which really requires veteran gear to make it optimal. Alternatively I don’t really mind that some weapons power creep with perfect stats where as stuff like xbow on BH is fine from start to finish.

The repeater pistol definitely needs more ammo and slighty higher base damage, because right now it’s completely useless outside of the BH hands and even then, only specialised crit power builds really work.

Maybe the repeater pistol could be rebalanced into a crowd clearer with explosive bullets or something like that.

I agree it needs more ammo, but the dps on it is great already. It chews through ammo, but kills anything in the process.

I think repeater poistol should get some damage up like repeater handgun

Repeater handgun can kill all specials except pack master and stormvermin with 2 shot
Also huntsman can kill 2 chaos worrior when he use his ult

Xbow with bh can take away CW with far ranged while you have inf ammo as well

Repeater pistol has too low damage to kill enemy without crit + no ammo gain becuz of hunter trait is forced on it which is makes it less effective than volley, bop and xbow even with BH considering single shot and shotgun mode

I think they could boost the non-crit damage a bit. BH can make good use of it but BH is BH. This is more for WHC and Zealot who use it as an anti-special secondary.

At the moment, the Repeater Pistol already can be crafted to one-shot CWs (on BH). I’d say that makes it plenty powerful. That does need plenty of investment, though, relies on Blessed Shots, and through the nature of the weapon, practically requires using Prize Bounty, so it is kind of self-limiting.

So, an absolute buff to the weapon’s power would likely make it too strong, at least on BH. It doesn’t really feel that useful on others, though, so some change could be done. I think that raising its base damage a bit, and conversely reducing its crit modifier, could do the job, reducing reliance on crits but keeping its damage peaks intact. Adding some more ammo is another thing that could be done, but I’m not sure if that’s needed.

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