Repeater Pistol

Why main feature of this weapon (close range - charged crit deleting armored targets) is so weak?
Double damage fall-off for charged shots vs armor???
Headshot multiplier decreased from 1.7 (charged vs infantry) to 1.2 (charged crit vs armor).

  • But for some gods reason you can kill 8 raiders or infinite amount of fanatics (16 or smth) with charged shot. Like really. Its not the weapon anyone would use as infantry killer. I dont even know what kind of weapon need SO much power vs infantry and how to use it. Its not blunderbuss.

  • Blunderbuss have totall of 12 shots by default. RPistol have total of 5 charged shots. Blunderbuss can regain with RMB scrounger. Keepo Kappo.

  • Repeater crossbow just does it better cause of better controlled spread, better aiming conditions, lower damage fall-off and main reason - you can regain ammo with it, so you actually can shoot hordes. With RPistol you tied to “Hunter” as never before in your life.

  • And the fact that weapon close half of the screen and crosshair itself on charged attack makes it hard to aim at any moving target

The only good feature of RPistol so far, is that charged shot have lower fall-off (more damage at long distance) than single shot. So you can slay some specials, until they are armored, or not much far. Or you will need you crit trait to be active. So far, weapon only usable by BH. So far, worse then any other BH options (mb bit better than BoP).

So what can be a solution. I doubt someone need that much FIREPOWWAA vs infantry. Until, dear FS, you planning to stack hordes a bit harder than they are now. I see this weapon as an anti - armored, close range. Fall off for single-shots dont makes sence at all, cause you still have to shoot full charged with crit to kill something on legend. Remove fall-off, cause its really dont make sence.

  • Add some armor penetration, so it can actually kill armored special without crit on full charged bodyshot.
  • Make headshots worth aiming for on armored targets. As is, if you have full crit power (+40) and power vs chaos/armored (+20), you can 2 shot CW with crit headshots (62 dmg). Thats not crossbow, you have to stay close, aim as god and dont get hit, and get yourself second crit somewhere. But, you know, you can do same with RCrossbow and have only (40 crit power and 10 power vs chaos/armored). You can do same with Xbow from much safer distance. Make it 85-90, so scoring full head on cw not kills, but hurts a lot.

Single infantry body shot = 12.5 dmg
Charged infantry body shot = 15.5 dmg x8

Single infantry head shot = 25.5 dmg
Charged infantry head shot = 26.5 dmg x8

Single infantry crit body shot = 25.5 dmg
Charged infantry crit body shot = 26.5 dmg x8

Single infantry crit head shot = 31 dmg
Charged infantry crit head shot = 31 dmg x8


Single armored body shot = 6.25 dmg
Charged armored body shot = 4 dmg x8

Single armored head shot = 12.75 dmg
Charged armored head shot = 6.5 dmg x8

Single armored crit body shot = 12.75 dmg
Charged armored crit body shot = 6.5 dmg x8

Single armored crit head shot = 15.5 dmg
Charged armored crit head shot = 7.75 dmg x8


Single super-armored crit body shot = 6.5 dmg
Charged super-armored crit body shot = 3.25 dmg x8

Single super-armored crit head shot = 7.75 dmg
Charged super-armored crit head shot = 4 dmg x8


I used to play it on my BH and it was actually quite fun. The boss-melting in my build was insane and to work with the BH passiv, switch permanentely the weapons etc. felt much more challenging, than anything else.

But yeah… i´ve to agree that this weapon feels underpowered or either bugged. Sometimes i hit SV / Specials with a loaded crit shot and they survived it. I don´t know if that weapon spreads too much or something.

I would love to see a lil buff on it or maybe a new trait, which would make it playable on zealot/WH too.

Yeah, it’s fun, but underpowered. It won’t be op even if it kills stormvermin w/o any %power. It’s so low on ammo. Also, it’s mediocre Vs bosses. Crit hurts, but it’s only 1 per 10 secs, gonna compare it with RXbow today, but already think that Xbox and RXbow better boss killers.

And stormfiend don’t really care about your pew-pew unless you snipe his controller like a beast

I used it with endless ammunition on the BH passiv and barrage or hunter on it. So 6-8 loaded attacks into the boss hurts. ^^
I play xbow now, because i just love the weapon on every char, that can handle it. RXbow is definately ridiculous strong with infinite ammunition + crits.

I really hope RP will get a buff and that the BH passiv will get a lil rework or some adjust like:

If you play xbow then xy…
If you play rxbow then xy…
If you play rp then xy…

Let´s see if FS will swing the balance mace next patch.

Haven’t delved that deep into it, but to me the repeater pistol feels it lacks a good use. On BH it works, but there are better options available for whatever you’re trying. You can run Volley Crossbow for similar style with higher damage, both in single shots and bursts, and far better monster damage to boot (but with relatively less ammo, so more need to pay attention to it. Not that that’s a big problem on BH). Or you can run regular Crossbow and not worry about ammo ever, with better ranged horde clear and more accuracy, at the slight cost of sudden burst damage. Or you can run BoP for… I’m not sure what (but that’s more my inexperience on the particular weapon and Career), with more damage per shot and better accuracy. On anyone else, it feels like a Brace of Pistols with less damage, more ammo and occasional reloading, with option for bursts (which, I think, still lose to the BoP in effectiveness). So yeah, I feel it kind of lacks its niche at the moment.

bop is best for solving problems. 9 plague monks? Np, pew-pew. But it sucks Vs bosses though.

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