Bounty Hunter RP

so melee on kill reset nerf only really affected RP, any new patch coming out can we please buff RP up its a rapid fire gun that can no longer do rapid fire anymore effectively, its a complete waste of ammo to do rapid fire with a rapid fire weapon. u can only kill armor with 8 shot every 10 secs and spamming rapid fire is extremely terrible unless u can get head shots but even than thats not good at all.

i’m finding crossbow to be extremely good for BH having infinite ammo, piercing and 1 shoting armored or playing other heroes like markus kruber who can also 1 shot skaven armored units without head shots on his repeater handgun.

-bad range with damage fall off
-consumes alot of ammo
-takes time to reload while shooting 8 shots also takes time from the recoil.
-has rapid fire stat but you really can’t use rapid fire on this weapon for it to be effective.
-bad vs armor units until u reach the 10sec mark.

pros: none

10 sec with 8 shots isn’t good at all vs armored units on top of Repeater pistol being up there as one of the longest reload and recoil weapon shots while on top of that waiting for 10secs bless shots to come back with prize bounty. other range weapons can kill way faster with way less penalty’s, wait time on those kills or give enemy’s a less chance to strike me since choosing RP takes to long switching or using 8 shot recoil or different range weapon can give the player more options.


-talent change SWIFT RELOAD and reload talents to Fast Hands giving 20% reload speed, and 20% weapon switching speed and 20% sight range speed. allowing for better control instead of waiting on CD’s between them.

-allow toggle button on repeater pistol for blessed shots due to rapid fire.

-make the repeater pistol with 8 shots pierce more light infantry units i mean its 8 shots and it doesn’t really hit very many light infantry anyways.

-give +16 more ammo for RP allowing follow ups on rapid fire after 8 shots etc… knowing i have a weapon that is intended to be spammed and having ammo left over.

  • less damage fall off on far away targets

i honestly think the best solution for BH RP is to give him Fast Hands talent or plus 16 more ammo.

Can be built to kill a CW on critical bodyshot

I think fixing how scrounger works on the alt fire would effectively offset this problem again.
I’m talking about the fact that scrounger can only trigger once for the alt fire even dough it consumes 8 ammo.

People might think that being able to trigger scrounger 8 times at will would be too strong. That may be but the pistol should at least be able to recover all ammo used in the shot. This might be done by changing scrounger to at least refund all ammo used in one attack.

This won’t make the anti CW build op as the CW build requires the trait hunter and therefore cannot profit from this. This only opens up build diversity.

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