Bounty Hunter passive rework

Currently, I think that the BH passive is a bit too biased towards the repeater pistol.
Aside from the obvious bug that will be fixed with volley crossbow, there isn’t really any reason to use any other weapon on BH as of right now.

My suggestion is, that instead of the passive having one activation, it could generate max stacks up to 8 every 20-30 seconds and one stack on melee kill.

Why, you ask?
Because then we could fix the repeater pistol critting all of it’s shots, but instead use one stack per pellet. This way, other weapons like crossbows or the pistols would become more viable to use, while nerfing the sheer damage output of repeater pistol crits, but still allowing occasional damage bursts. This way, you get your insane damage burst on repeater pistol every 8 kills instead of 1, which makes it much more balanced compared to now, that basically every other ranged weapon is complete trash compared to the RP.

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Long cooldown as you suggest would just not work with restoration on meele kills. It would be absurdly powerfull.
And I think that’s perfectly fine that some weapons are better with certain careers. They designed with this in mind.

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