Bounty hunter needs reset back on blessed shots and ammo back

repeater pistol is 100% useless now on bounty hunter after the bless shot change

melee kill on bless shot to consume no ammo needs to come back it is literally part of his spec otherwise why even play bounty hunter he is terrible now compared to the other specs and other heroes his damage is terrible. gun spec belongs to the witch hunter now.

why not make blessed shot enemey’s suffer 20% increase damage for time being if your removing it idk something cause he his straight up completely not playable anymore nor fun with repeater pistol

repeater pistol needs an buff up close now after this nerf: it runs out of AMMO way to fast ,its far range damage is the worst in the game takes like 12 to 15 shots if not more to kill things from far away and comsumes 8 bullets and doesn’t fair well vs armor

repearter pistol
-bad ammo consumption 8 bulltes
-bad vs armor
-bad at far and medium range huge down fall in damage

  • none anymore. duel wielding pistols are way better, plus witch hunter is far Superior with range and melee weapons.

Pyro and BH got huge hammer on them
Mostly, there were crying about wiggle and xbow shooting
Yeah they needed nerf but nerf before bbb should be roll back imo
Beam itself(dmg) nerfed and BH passieve(was 7s or 6s i think?)

Yeah they are still viable but huntsman with repreater or handgun, all elf with hagbane and spear and mage with fireball is chewing everything now

BBB didnt touch these broken things

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repearter pistol
-bad vs armor

Excuse me but what are you even talking about. Bounty hunter has the ability to instantly delete a CW with the repeater pistol if you build for it.

+40% Power v. Chaos/Armor
Hunter trait on Repeater Pistol
Crit power boost talent.

There, you now delete chaos warriors in one burst of the weapon. You can also do this without costing ammo every 10 seconds if you take the talent that makes blessed shots cost no ammo. How many other ranged weapons can do that?

This all sounds like you’ve already made up your mind about the career when it’s still very much viable and still very strong. The only thing Bounty Hunter struggles even slightly with is Temp Health generation, because the other ranged careers got a talent option for temp health on ult use which BH didn’t. Other than that he is absolutely fine.


Rep gun is the only weapon that can oneshot (without headshot) every special and elite… included CW. I don’t think it is useless… then I can also agree, but if we want buff the ammo recover, we should start from Huntsman: the ranged career with less ammo regen.

WTF? Handgun op?

Dude, I agree that his statement about “RP is bad vs. Armour” is wrong, but the main complain was about PURE RANGED SPAM, almost noone complained about Blessed Shots reset on melee kill, and I’m not talking about quickswap to melee bug, ofc it should’ve been fixed, but hey, melee reset actually encourages people for more active melee playstyle, in fact the only reason for me to play BH was this melee reset. Now it works ok only with BoP, all other weapons rely heavily on reload (xbow, volley) or just can’t sustain ammo w/o prize bounty (RP), and playing w/o melee reset as a BH is just boring, at least for me.

So what do we have. There was a feature in a BH baseline that was encouraging people to go melee, there were a lot of complain about different aspects of BH, and tbh that xbow spam is still alive, a little worse than before, but you can still have near-infinite ammo with it. For some unknown reason FS nerfed that feature almost noone complained about, which made BH gameplay easier, but more boring. And the most interesting fact is that this nerf does not affect xbow spammers at all!

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If anything they could have implemented something like a minor cooldown reduction per hit as a baseline passive. Say, 1 second less cooldown per melee swing that hits a target. Keep the three current talent choices with this as a passive.
Would work better for bosses too as the reset on kill favours murdering skavenslaves above fighting CW or bosses. A problem with this is however the balance between weapons as some weapons hits faster thus leading to an easier way of reducing cooldown compared to the slower ones, but I’d say it would make BH much more fun to play again.


Well, you rarely have just a single boss or CW, it’s often a horde or just some ambient rats/rotbloods around to reset BS, still your idea is prety interesting.

I also think that FS should improve lvl 15 BH tallents, now we’ve got Prize Bounty which is very strong, but w/o it RP and Volley are prety weak, and 2 other choices just cannot compete with Prize Bounty for most BH builds. I can’t say he’s unplayable w/o PB, but it’s often a nobrain choice.

Remember that you also need to land a killing blow to reset, many a time I’ve got my reset stolen but yes, usually you can reset it.
Personally, I feel like the entire way BH retains ammo needs to be redone. Pb is the only career specific way BH can sustain ammunition, which does pigeonhole people into it. You do want to keep firing if you picked a range oriented career, no?

I agree. The removal of that passive was totally unnecessary with all the other changes to ranged(scrounger, themp hp…), and basically made this carreer boring and mediocre AF.

You might want to yes but ranged careers aren’t ranged only just as melee ones aren’t melee only. I think the affected classes finally got fixed only WS is left to be changed.



Never said ranged only, now did I? It’s just that atm BH is a very dull hero that has rather limited ranged options, repeater and VXbow burns through ammo fast. Also if you cannot properly take advantage of his range weapons, why not just play WHC or Zealot that are way superior in melee? BH doesn’t feel like a functional career anymore, with very little synergy left in his kit. I used to run Hunter BH before but I’ve barely played him since the patch at all because he’s no long weaving between melee and ranged in the same way anymore. You just wait for 10 seconds to shoot and melee in between.

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