Scrounger not working as it says

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was playing V2 after couple months again and wow all the Nerfs and buffs that took place…

Sienna Pyro with Boltstaff is pretty much Garbage now… No Infi Ranged which was most definetly the ver best Sienna Class for me or lets say the most fun…

Tried Saltz Bounty Hunter and pretty much the same…

Scronger got changed:
It says, get " 5 % " Ammo back with Crit. Well, u only get 2 shots back with Crits, wheres the 5 % Max ammo coming back? That would mean i always get 6 shots back after every Crit!

Am i missing something here

Which weapon has 110+ rounds of ammo? I haven’t seen such. Why do you expect 6 rounds back?


It would seem you are missing how math works


Could you elaborate more? What weapon were you using? Which firing mode?

Is math related to science? Trololol

This is a quality thread


My dearest lad, @Roibr :

5% of your maximum ammo will provide you 1 ammo back for every 20 maximum ammo you have. For most characters/weapons, you will probably have between 20 and 40 shots at maximum, so you will get 1-2 shots back on a critical hit (I don’t actually know, but let’s assume that FatShark is kind and they round up on ammo-back from the trait).

If you fire a crit, you will (most likely) receive 2 ammo back. If you are packing a swift-bow/brace-of-pistols/other-weapons-with-lots-of-shots on the careers that provide additional ammo storage, you will probably get between 2-4. Getting 6 would imply (with friendly rounding) that you have over 100 ammunition in storage. Perhaps you were thinking it meant 1/5th of your ammo?

Sorry for the lengthy reply! Best of luck to you in the End-Times!

He might be thinking that it works like before, when each monster an arrow hit gave ammo. This no longer happens, the 5% ammo only procs on the first monster. Back in the day, when you fired the WS ULT, it was 3 arrows for true flight volley, which could all hit multiple enemies. So when firing into hordes, you could get back 18 ammo.


No FS always rounds down just like RV’s ammo pick-ups.

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Forgive me @Haxorzist : whenever I do calculations, I tend to be generous as it is never the case. It establishes a soft upper-limit to many abilities so that one can know where their guesses should land in the future. My bad! Thanks for the tip, though, I actually didn’t know and it is good information to have.

Got it, @SmokerT69, that makes sense and is a great clarification. So, on top of any calculations: it can only proc once per crit (which I think is the more important point to have made, sorry for missing that).

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Psssh, we don’t talk about that…

False, it rounds up. 5% of 30 is 1.5 which gives 2 ammo back on such weapons, 5% of 75 is 3.75 which gives 4 ammo on swiftbow


As far as I know, the ammo amounts round normally, i. e. .5 and over rounds up, less than that rounds down. Would need slight research to confirm, though.


It rounds up. The breakpoint are 30, 50 and 70 for 2, 3 and 4 ammo back. The last is only achievable by swift bow.


Not up, but normally then, if it rounded up, you’d have breakpoint at 21.

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