Ranger Veteran. I found a bug,or do i?

RV passive drscription says: ammo pouches give 10% of max ammo, which means if you have f.e. 36
max ammo - you take 3.6 ammo from it, however 3.6 ammo rounded to 4 ammo (even 3.5 ammo rounded to 4) That was a true (100% shure), atleast befor outcast eng patch. But now i dont know what to think!!! Is it broke somehow or whatever? Cause now its always rounds down to an integer. Is it cause RV just really broken and you want to nerf him fatsharc? Or maybe that poor guy need some love to be more viable in a current meta?

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Survivalist Caches have always rounded down.


Not realy my friend, not realy


Somebody: how the hell numbers rounded?

Mathematics: 0.4 and lower rounded to zero, 0.5 and higher rounded to 1

Fatsharc: nah, fk u mtmtics

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Probably intentional honestly since RV caches are already kinda broken good. They def don’t need to round up on top of giving you up to 30% ammo each…

Fatshark knows how to do math.

They purposely round DOWN for balancing reasons.

Sorry to disappoint but it’s always been like this.


It’s always been like this, but I’m not sure if it’s intentional. All other sources of ammo regen that are based on ammo maximum (Scrounger, Huntsman’s talent, Bounty Hunter’s talent) use math rounding (as far as I know).

If Fatshark wanted RV ammo drops to give less ammo for balancing reasons, they could have reduced the percentage value. Also note that RV ammo drops were implemented before the game got released, while all other percentage-based ammo regen sources were implemented long after the release.

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