No leftover ammo, please

Grudge-Raker on Ranger Veteran has 21 shots (1 leftover).
Repeater Pistol has 50 shots (2 leftovers), and on Bounty Hunter it has 75 shots (3 leftover)

It may be nitpicking but having the last of my ammo not be enough to fully load my gun bugs me. If the ammo counts on these weapons could be adjusted to values that left no spare ammunition it would be greatly appreciated.

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ya seems like they just nerfed ammo from beta without adding up the shots to see if they evened out. this really is amateur hour stuff.

This feels like rather theoretical problem to me. Yes, it feels nice if things match up, but is it really a problem?
I frequently find myself reloading a ranged weapon before the magazine is empty, and then there’s multiple options to recover ammunition.
Not least the ranger veterans droppings.

It’s not a problem at all, it’s simply a matter of consistency. I made an effort to mention that I was nitpicking.


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