Undo ranged class ammo nerf

If anyone hasn’t noticed yet all 4 ranged classes had their double ammo passive reduced to 50%. This is a massive nerf to their playstyle. The difference between bounty hunter and witch hunter with the level 5 ammo talent is now only 4 pistol shots. This change was completely unnecessary and will force ranged classes to play more like melee classes, only using their guns on specials. Maybe this is by design, but in my opinion it’s a poor decision because it reduces the diversity in possible play styles.

I have played 40 hours in the preorder beta, almost entirely on huntsman, ranger, and bounty hunter. I don’t know if I’ll still be able to refund the game by the time this concern is addressed, but if the nerf isn’t reversed my interest in playing will be severely reduced.


here here i wanted to main bounty hunter but with the way he is now im just done with that entire character i hate how much they have nerfed saltzprye into the ground

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Blame the morons providing crap feedback moaning about ranged. All they have achieved with this is limiting a valid playstyle


Really dumb decision even the non ranged classes dont have enough ammo and yet they reduce the range specific ones…


ranged is more powerful and a lot easier to use than hand to hand, its unlikely you will ever be left in situation where a career can ignore melee for ever for long before it gets nerfed, ranged should be a resource you have to use with some thought.
Pre patch we used to have 3 ranged trying to outkill each other on stuff that was already being hit in melee , now we still do but at least the muppets run out of ammo and stop.


Good change, ranges spam was no risk high reward


Did you forget that the wizard and ironbreaker still have infinite ammo?


Oh no, ammo actually matters now.

Look, it is really not a big deal. There were ammo everywhere, the one thing I hate finding from a chest was ammo. I will definitely appreciate it a lot more now. Just be glad you don’t blow up from running out of ammo.


Ammo mattered before if you weren’t an elf. You had to be careful not to miss and could pretty much only use your ranged weapon on hordes if you were near a crate. Now you don’t even have enough to shoot all of the bigger common enemies.

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what game have you been playing? UNless playing on recruit (and even there sometimes) in most games I HAD i often got barely any ammo, maybe an ammo box before the finale and one just after the start… and MAYBE one or two bags ofammo inbetween…


I wish I would have known this during all the runs on Empire in Flames /s

There wasn’t much ammo to begin with and with the tons of mobs, there was a reason you had the ammo you did in VT2. The ammo nerfs were completely uncalled for. Kind of like how on Kerillian they nerfed not only her max ammo, but the 25 talent too. They just beat the crap out of her with a nerf bat and then steam rolled her with more nerfs. Then dropped the Fat Man on her with nerfs. I wish the developers were more keen to seeing newbs complaining when they don’t have an understanding of the game. Rather than listening to these newbs and ignoring them, they just catered to the lowest common denominator and made an already mediocre character, bad. There shouldn’t have been nerfs to anything in VT2. Just buffing the weaker stuff.

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agreed, this ammo nerf… I dont understand it at all

I think the whole point is they don’t want people using ranged all game.

Its been ages since i played vermintide 1 but I recall that ranged was used much more sparingly.


And yet in their stream, the CEO used his ranged weapon most of the game so I don’t think that’s the reason of the nerf

Balance must really hurt some people.


If they didn’t want people using ranged all game fire weapons wouldn’t exist. This is more like not wanting certain classes to be able to use ranged weapons for whatever reason.

Good riddance.
Such a simple change, such a useful impact.
Well, games I’ve played so far it didn’t actually have an impact, because no one was that mindless with their ammunition, but I’ve heard a lot of complaining before.
I really liked the “100 was such a nice, even number” one, though I can actually relate to that.
They might have overdone it on the elf a little, maybe, but that’s more due to her regens relation to level 15 passives.
That said, no, not even ranged classes are meant to only use ranged all the time. Maybe not even mainly. Ammunition is a resource, if it’d never run out it wouldn’t be, anymore.

So then you think they should nerf wizard and ironbreaker too? Because those classes can still fight at range for 95% of the game if they want.

Ammo is fu**ed, unless you play huntsman, waystalker, ironbreaker or sienna you wont have enough ammo to deal with specials half of the time because you didnt get ammo box.

It still doesnt matter, despite popular opinion most ppl werent shooting into hordes and even screenshots of zomg score of kerillian was mostly melee with her spear.
Youll shoot your ammo and active at specials and when you run out youll try to hack them to death.

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