Launch gutted so many classes

So many classes are useless now. Instead of buffing the weak one’s you kept their lackluster qualities and then kept the op stuff on the one’s performing well…


I agree, at least in beta I had fun with some classes, now I just cant find one.

Not certain I agree with you considering that the Huntsman, the Bounty Hunter, and Waystalker were heavily waylaid. Pyro saw a combo of nerfs, fixes, and buffs and will prolly be the new hotness (PUNS!). Though realistically she always was but people too blinded by their Elf hatred to see it. Ironbreaker continues being an unbreakable bastion of Dwarfy wrath.

Also keep in mind they just retooled their entire damage system. There will be 1-2 passes no doubt across the board with more tweaks and balances.


And so we break down Huntsman to a shadow of it’s former self, unable to even do decent damage with the shotgun anymore, make Bounty Hunter’s ability the same level of trash, and apply a 50% clause to a regen effect that didn’t even matter as much to begin with. Well done Fatshark (Error 404, maximum sarcasm limited exceeded)

Saltzpyre has literally 1 usable class now, which is his starter. At least Kruber has Foot Knight and Mercenary still, I suppose.

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There’s no doubt that pyrocmancer and ironbreaker are the strongest now. A bolt staff with the overheat refund on crit and a few talents can almost be fired continously, and the beam staff sniper explosion hits like a truck. I think that waystalker is actually in a good place now, and kruber’s melee classes still feel devestating. bounty hunter and hunstman definitely got the worst of the nerfs though

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Then they did their job so he can be properly balanced without relying on a broken OP crutch now.

I’ll still use all and I’ll be successful too. Except Shade, I don’t like Shade. Your definition of usable is quite strange.


Oh, I dunno, when I’m firing my repeater crossbow as Bounty Hunter, I deal more damage with alternate shot than my ability. If that doesn’t raise a question with you as to what the hell happened to that ability, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Usable, is being able to play it and working well, so basically everything serving a good, genuine purpose. Huntsman Kruber is a squishy wreck that had one thing going for him: He could annihilate bosses real easily. Now he can’t even do that, so having him on your team is like losing a slot, when you can have Merc Kruber cutting down scores of enemies, or Foot Knight Kruber CCing really hard. Bounty Hunter Saltzpyre’s only usefulness now, lies in his passives, as his ability is utter garbage. Why even bother having it then?

Adjustments/nerfs is one thing, making it borderline unusable save for “I may as well” is another. You could build around Bounty Hunter’s F to focus on getting it up asap and firing it. Now, doing that is like flailing at a wall for 30 minutes.

Let me ask you, how many Saltzpyres do you see overall, and what class are they? Because the only time I did see a zealot, he did jack and just went on the floor quite a bit. This game doesn’t lend itself well to being on low HP to be good.

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And then I realized what I thought was wrong, please ignore this post I made a massive error

I wish there was a patch note, id like to see what huntsman ult does now besides giving your camera tint and making you invisible until your first attack.

A reminder of what you could do before the release patch, and have your allies shoot you angry looks for having taken the now useless Huntsman Kruber instead of either of the other 2 options.

Its because morons on the forum who played for 2 hours complained about stuff that wasn’t even good for higher tiers so now you basically have to run some OP mongoloid crap and have 0 spec variety for Lord difficulty


Yup. Just lower the standard for all those pro recruit players. Oh boy, they stepped up to veteran. Oh jeez, they must be amazing now so their input is worth. Gotta love it when they admit to what they’ve done and they’re like “Well I have 80 hours on recruit and veteran. So I know what’s best for higher difficulties and the game as a whole.” or you ask if they’ve done champion and they’re like “Uh uh uh… well no”.

Gotta love when all the people who can’t even do Champion and never played Legend are trying to be overly vocal mongoloids and say “OP OP OP” “NERF NERF NERF” with their valueless feedback on balance. Now it feels like you’re playing a bunch of Shades instead of something that feels fun, enjoyable, and impactful. The careers that were bad or lackluster are still that way and now it seems several of the careers that felt great are now horrible.

Honestly at this point, why not just remove every talent and active in the game(obviously an exaggeration)? Just nerf it all into non-existence. That’s the degree of insanity that’s being applied with these changes. You try to be nice to morons and give well-constructed feedback, then the mongoloids cry their way into existence and the developers just cater to all that negative, horrible non-sense.


Oh man the salt in this thread is great. Keep it up guys, i love it.


I see a lot of complaining about ults not being game changing, how much are people after an ‘easy win’ button?

I dont favour gameplay mechanics that trivialise things that are meant to be difficult, wrecking bosses in one/a couple shots is boring, unstimulating gameplay and reduces the encounter to something it’s not meant to be.

The zealot is great, most of the time i come out on top of the group in almost every stat.

People seemingly dont want to put in effort to play a more difficult role because it isnt as easy to use as another career. Ive tried a lot of the careers people complain about and enjoy them and make them work regardless of whether i kill a couple less enemies as a result.

Not sure why people are treating the game as a pissing contest about damage numbers.


Well with two grimoires you’re below 50% health so wouldn’t waystalkers passive be healing non stop now?

Negative it got nerfed to the ground especially in higher difficulties it’s literrlt useless rip…

the part that confuses me is that people did get nerfed, but the enemies got it even worse and you can currently go through champion and even to an extent legendary as a deathball and just cleave through everything. marauders and even shields don’t stop a lot of weapons now, with certain ones that previously had very little stagger abilty actually sending them flying. It’s honestly baffling to see how easy they’re cleaved through right now. packmasters can be staggered with melee too.

in spite of all the classes who took a hit, it feels easier than ever and I’m not quite sure what the point was. I’m actually okay with characters getting a bit of a nerf as some things made it very trivial, but if enemies are going to get hit 4x as hard, why bother?

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Nerfs ?.. i see SO many classes OVERperforming now !?

They were already the strongest. It’s just on veteran that others could compete to some extent but on champ, wiz and dorf win by an infinitely large margin while the nerfs to the others basically mean you take ker for a one off ability in case the blight stormer is behind a rocl.

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you’re wrong tho ?