The great wheel of nerf reasoning

Seriously, spin it Fatshark.
Gimme some of it, I’m craving damn hard.

Beamstaff Pyro is still deleting hordes, complete patrols and specials by pointing in their general direction with her normal attacks + occasional hammering the f button while also staggering bosses endlessly for the lulz.
BH is still wielding the machinegun crossbow with endless ammo critting CW’s + hordes away.
Shade takes a few seconds to spit out 2k boss dmg, onehitting everything else.
WS is still mashing f like crazy with godlike aim, endless ammo, hp reggen and great movement.


Why? Why did Kruber need an overall nerf after you simply implemented a broken dmg cap that overtuned his ult for some days? And only Kruber. I really need a rational reason why after patching in some shoddy mechanics that dont work as intented (as always) you feel the urgend need to nerf a single career into the ground. This patch was like “We are removing the dmg cap for all classes except for kruber because well… lol!”. Yes, you statisfied a few players who, emotionally, don’t like the ranged meta, applause. Bonuspoints for not even changing the meta because the two classes who got bruises, Kruber and Bardin werent part of it.
So to summarize:
After a breaking a mechanic of the game you decided to cripple one career and change another one back to “meh” status, without touching the actual ranged meta to fix the… er… ranged meta instead of fixing the newest problem you implemented.
Kruber is still working somehow? Sure he is. But thats not the point. The point is that the nerftrain is not driving trough reasontown anymore. The point is that every other ranged class (besides bardin) did already better and they weren’t touched because obviously people didn’t whine enough about it.

After all the trouble with this game and a weekly declining playerbase (were at under 6k now btw) because of the incredible amount of other serious issues, the devs decide to go full balance berserk (not just kruber but also shade, glaive and exe sword). I’m not even mad about kruber in particular or what career or meta is op. I’m mad about how completly blind and random some decisions seem to be. Players are turning away because of the astonishing glitchy gameplay and bad performance? Better release a patch full of new glitchy mechanics and randomly nerf stuff to make up for them. BOOM! Gamedesign magic, boys!
This game lost over 80% of its playerbase in under 90 days. I really dont want Vermintide 2 to die but stuff like this is exactly why I dont think that it will be present in another three months.



I can’t habeeb that they nerfed falchion because it was doing everything and was ez mode but halberd is still untouched. And then there are some careers that have been at the bottom of the barrel that could be great if only had few little changes here and there but remain untouched.


amen brother

I’d like you to consider this: The balancing decisions come from the same bunch of people who thought that “Stunty Saviour” would be a legit alternative to “Ignore Pain” on Slayer.

Like “Hm… what should I take… this highly situational ability that allows me to move SLIGHTLY faster (and remember kids: it used to be 5%! not 15! FIVE!) on a hero without a ranged weapon that, when he is the last one standing, has virtually no way to defend himself against the plethora of ranged and disabler specials I throw at him, and when one of two out of four bosses spawn, he cannot even make use of this ability to literally SAVE other people because of boss walls, OR should I take this 50% damage reduction that I have all the time, without any condition and that allows me to withstand melee punishment as the only pure melee character.”


And still people make arguments, like “they’re devs, they know their game better”