Nerf everything!

What I noticed, that most of posts which asking for “nerfs” offers very awful ideas for nerfs. Sienna and Keri spam with their ult’? “Nerf! Make lower dmg, longer cooldown, make the skills useless in most of times because we asking for it! Or we gonna cry! Nerf, nerf, nerf!” Maybe you guys don’t know, but not everyone spams, not everyone rush forward with the spear, not everyone playing some chars to make high score. I was playing V1 with spear-staff not because it was auto-aim and I can make tonns of kills, no, I just want to be usefull for my team, and thats the way I chose. Nerf must be the LAST thing to do. Only if no other ways to resolve problems. But devs listen to you (plus or minus), and it’s obviouly that they can use your ideas, but mostly, here are not so much of really good ones. Mostly it’s crying for nerfing everything. Don’t like another char? Nerf. Don’t like some kind of weapon? Nerf.
So what I want to say, try to think twice before giving your idea, and remember, that you aren’t alone who playing this game. And if you met someone who abusing some of mechanics, try to remember, that straight nerf (in opposite of really good and creative) can broke all the playing for much more players than some abusers,
P.s. My english is pretty awful, and I meant no offense, if someone would think. Just it’s hard to understand sometimes, how the things sounds,


This but unironically, nerf everything

Don’t nerf one, buff others.

There’s definitely classes that were effected post launch. Slayers, for instance, are almost unseen at higher levels in my matches. Probably due to health regen changes and temporary health changes.

A couple other threads were talking about nerfing friendly fire dmg, which has its benefits for Slayer, seeing as Slayer probably would take the most dmg from teammates when range classes are focusing on groups of enemies while Slayer, melee only, has to be upclose and possibly crossing allies FoV.

I think some people are just frustrated that some of their favorite classes were changed or altered after the Beta.

This is a good way, but with some restrictions, but much better than nerfing anyway.

Buffing everything is hundreds of times more work, is more likely to introduce further imbalances due to so many changing factors, and trivializes the game due to power creep.

There is nothing wrong with nerfing overperforming options in video games. It happens all the time because is the correct action to take. And every single time, no matter what game it is and no matter how absurdly broken it may be, you always have folks throwing a fit and making disingenuous arguments in a futile attempt to prevent them.


I mean, here are some classes, which can be called OP. But they are OP not in PvE moment, but in comparison with others classes. So like psyco said, I think to get a balance, they must be buffed to these OP’s, but not vice versa, and after these buffs, start to balance enviroment.

As I understood, many and many people just want V1. Nerf skills and items, make 'em so rare usable, that you can just forget about 'em. I didn’t say than nerf shouldn’t be at all, no. I was saying, that most of “ideas” people say looks too (I dunno better word) flat. They doesn’t give any good or unique. The main thing I wanted to say is that most of things people offer too straight. Exists other ways to set up balance without nerfs.

You have a good point there. But i still believe that the “buff others” approach is better. But yeah as you said:

Thats true, but its a problem when you nerf things that happen to be the best because other things are bad thus making every option bad. The problem is, with talents there will always be one that is “better” or “the best” same goes for weapon traits ect.

This is surival game they need to be VERY careful about nerfing and buffing

Because if this game become wreck a mole from lunapark, it woud be end of V2, game like v2 must be hard, or evrything fall apart

I am generally indifferent as to whether buffs or nerfs happen to achieve balance. However I think the balance atm. should be below the current top power level at least in regards to some actives. For example I think it should take more of an effort to use spammable ultimates (Waywatcher, Pyromancer). I really like the moments such as where people dodge gutter runners and accurately place an arrow between their eyes. If hitting F does the same much better and more safely on a short cooldown, those cool moments are at risk of becoming (more of) a rarity. In other words even if every class got a similar ability to achieve “balance” I don’t think the game would be better off than in the case the “top classes” got nerfs.

Disclaimer: I don’t mean to insinuate Waywatcher is overly strong, though I think its active is pretty strong. Just used it as an example.

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