Their needs to be less nerfs

something i want to point out is to many nerfs for the sake of “balance” can ruin a game. take a look at destiny 2, they Nerfed everything into the ground to make everything deal pretty much the same amount of damage and make all perks not better then the others. but the main difference is that destiny 2 did this because they wanted the pvp to be similar to overwatch and it completely ruined the game in pvp and ANNIHILATED pve.

video games are supposed to be fun and challenging but with a RPG looter a person who spends more time and effort playing should be able to make their character better then a person who plays casually. THATS HOW ITS SUPPOSED TO WORK. but recently their has been this mindset in videogames where everything need to be toned down to all be the same so its equal for everyone.

i get their their is this silly “vision” from the devs and a way they want us to play but the problem with that is that people are more complicated then just follow the leader they all have their own likes and dislikes. when people play this game they want to build their character the way they want to and make them the best at what they do (aka special).
but what happens when everyone else is just as super as you are? as syndrome says in the “incredibles”…“when everyone is super… no one is”


The changes, while some were good ended up just bogging down the game, AI director the past few days seems off or broken, aka 5-7 specials at a time and infinite waves, tons like metric tons of chaos warriors. It ends up just slowing the pace, and coupled with blanket nerfs to power maps seem to drag on, the pace isn’t enjoyable whatsoever, making farming the same few maps over and over even more tedious than it already was.


Exactly my point. A game to balanced can become bland and boring… even bad.
Destiny went down that route and while they sold alot of copys on initial launch they lost almost all of their supporting fanbase and content creators.
Catering to casual players is the worst possible move as a developer should only listen to people who tell you the problem and then the solution to fix that said problem but it feels they would rather listen to people that make 1 sentence posts screaming for nerfs because someone is better then they are or because the devs think they know what is best for the players.
(It alwase starts with good intentions but just because you want the best for everyone does not mean its what everyone wants)

Vermintide 2 has been a really fun game for me and it pains me to see signs that this game might be heading in the same direction of one of the most disappointing game franchise this decade destiny.

You seem to be mistaking balance for sameness , the three races of starcraft are (so im told ) pretty balanced but also very distinct.

and the litany of errors destiny 2 commited make it a bit hard to blame that flaming train wreck of stupidity and greed on one mistake

yeah? what nerfs do you think are down to that?

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V2 isn’t an MMORPG. A character who invests 400 hours shouldn’t be mathematically stronger than a player who invests 100 hours. You seem to be confusing any game that has loot and character classes as an RPG. This is not a role playing game. This is an action coop game.

The devs cannot create a significant power difference between hardcore and casual players because everyone is playing the same content. Nerfs to overpowered classes and weapons need to happen so every class can be viable.

Comparing this game to D2 makes no sense. In D2 gear is everything, as all your power comes from the stats on your gear. In V2 skill is everything. Your gear gives you different movesets, and your class gives you a few small passive buffs, but a player with all reds will never perform better than a player in all greens if the player with greens has more skill.

Your desire to be ‘special’ just translates to ‘overpowered’. You can already specialize for ranged or melee or tank, but that’s not what you’re asking for. You want mechanical rewards for spending a lot of time playing the game. That’s not how Vermintide has ever worked, or any game in this genre. If you want to be OP and stand above the filthy casuals, go play an MMO. This game is about four players on similarly powerful (in different specializations) characters overcoming huge numbers of AI enemies.


Your argument would hold water… if this game did not revolve around player progression, power, and equipment. The whole point of trying harder difficultys is to have a challenge and to gain… LOOT… and what does that LOOT do? It makes it easier to beat monsters and what would you call that? Loot based progression, your characters become more powerful the better gear and higher hero power you have.

Believe it or not but this is a Co-op RPG. If you want a just a CO-OP game the left for dead is a good example.
I wonder if you would be mad if fatshark decided to buff more instead of nerf because you seem pretty angry in your post. If you need help completing legendary just call me up ill be happy to help you as im a nice guy who is willing to help if needed.

So a item that does 10% more damage to a specific add and stack up to 20% more damage is not better then an item that does not have any trait? Hmmmm :face_with_monocle: i guess just cosmetic right? XD

Nope, unless you’re hitting a specific breakpoint for a specific enemy (and most of these breakpoints are at 25% or greater) so that you kill the enemy in one less hit, it’s irrelevant. You can use ‘power vs’ to specialize in killing specific enemies slightly faster than other players, but most of the time it won’t change your time to kill against the majority of enemies.

This allows for specializing into different play styles (like I talked about) but outside of those breakpoints on those specific enemies, it doesn’t make you any better than someone who doesn’t have it. This is common knowledge, and the fact that you’re bringing it up as if ‘power vs’ just makes items with it stronger overall shows your lack of knowledge. I’m done replying to you, as not only are you don’t understand the point of loot in V2, you don’t understand how it works either.

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It does not. Well, unless by player progression you mean skill progression, then yes.

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You do gain skill but you alos progress by gaining equipment to make it easier to kill or defend or other things. Which is call progress… because your are getting stronger at what you do in the game. A person with max critical chance will always get more criticals and damage then someone without it and a person with max block damage will alwase block more damage then someone without.

You can quite literally block almost all damage if you have both your weapon and (charm i think) with increase block resistance. You can get 60% and their is a traight on seianna i think that also increases block damage. Not only that but you can stack it with the weapon traight to block infinitely if you are good enough.

“liberal special people”…Uh oh, a political one

Just between you and me i love to parody far right people so im not actually far right but im not left either im just in the middle (the place where i just want to go on with my life and be left alone to pay my taxes without people messing with laws that affect me)

You cant deny that its funny to immitate obsessive political people that demand you take a side.

Let the flagging begin!


on this post or my shiz post?

@Spaceman said it all. It’s not that gear is worthless but skill is more important and that’s a good thing. I don’t want the game to play itself just because I have good gear.

If you’re just here for bigger numbers there are plenty of cookie clickers out there.

Hopefully the devs take nerf feedback with a bag of salt. The people who login to this forum are not a good representation of ALL Vermintide 2 players. People will always have their favorite character and some people will login to forums everyday to try to make sure that their character is better than all the others via nerfs… despite this being a coop game. As of right now every character has one class that is stronger. Do these need nerfs? No, the other classes need buffs, and we definitely don’t need to make any one character weaker at this point… despite all the child rage. So I do hope @FatsharkRobin , @Fatshark_Hedge , or whoever considers this when looking at the details. They have done a very good job overall. Anyone who knows what is involved with a computer program can see they are working hard and fast to meet the desires of the community. What this community needs now is more positive users and buffs.


I like reading forums but I rarely like posting on them. I made this account because I did not feel me and my friends were represented.

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If you want to keep a certain level of difficulty though you are better nerfing/buffing stuff to a particular level not just buffing everything till its all on the new overpowered level. Power creep is a thing that should be avoided.

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Considering my friends are good at most games and still struggle some on veteran despite being half way to full level I think we are doing fine on that. I’m OK with some of the suggestions for a new difficulty for the special kids, but lets keep some flavor and diversity to the classes and characters at the same time. If you are chasing green circles as they say… why are you playing coop?

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There is flavor to the classes and characters though. Most of the classes are currently viable even in legend and really its certain weapons that dont really fit into most legend games.

Its not good game design to keep buffing everything. There has to be a clear level of difficulty in mind and then you try to get things to a point where stuff feels good at that level.

Who mentioned anything about green circles?

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What I am trying to say is that buffs over nerfs might be better at this point and that some people will never be happy due to selfish reasons. Sorry if it got personal on the green circles wasn’t trying to focus that fully on you but several users I have become frustrated with on these forums.

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