Traits n Properties nerfs why so much?

You set all numbers to kinda underwhelming lvls now
they looked much more interesting in beta …now they just make a minor difference.

I wonder who decided this ? Since to me thoose nerfs went way overboard. You cant stack properties much.
Atm the Less Stamina per block seems about the only good thing left …waiting for it to be nerfed since 2x-30% stamina per block and more stamina regen makes you very tanky in game…or the Curse resistance i wonder why it isnt lowered to 10% already …since 33 % seem to be almost too much for all the other crappy values we got now.

Actually nerf the regen trinket too it regens too fast … err um if you want to nerf more thats my ideas.

But maybe you could increase some of the bland values again that would be way cooler… i mean Cooldown reduction really doesnt do much now …i agree with the 5% to lower value change but 2% bah …i wonder if i still wanna use the trait atm.


Look at it from the bright side… you don’t have to care about traits and properties anymore because their effect is pretty much non-noticeable. Yay!


Yea im exactly at that point atm. Wondering if gearing up is even fun still. With all thoose low values it seems way less fun to get good Gear after all. Since it really just makes a low impact on Gameplay now vs some random Gear. Thers just not much to gain anymore.
Kinda dampened my fun.

And if it continues with the trend they ruin the last stuff as well.

My suggestion would be to increase difficulty not lower gear stats if you want players to be weaker.


Yeah, I kinda agree… the properties now feel a bit lackluster. The only thing I keep an eye out for is curse resistance… until they nerf that too.


No. Please, stop nerfing anything/everything in the game–start fixing npc AI and increase the challenge on that end. I’ve no faith they even know what they’re doing at this point…they changed so much with V 1.0 they couldn’t even provide accurate documentation addressing it all already.

kinda how i felt with the bulk of the changes made to heroes at release. what’s the point of playing a range based career now? it’s just a worse melee oriented career… they nerfed everything so hard into the ground, made waystalker counter intuitive and her talents basically force her to take regular hits to maintain 31-49% hp to actually use her stuff properly…just… why… could have been changed sooooo much better. revert it to how it was, fine tune the frequency and potency, make the ammo and group regen talents function only if at max hp instead of only if you’re damaged… and maybe even replace the enhanced regen talent to be something else to a similar effect that actually synergizes with her kit and rewards learning how to avoid damage well… it prepares people who start with her better for her other careers, other heroes, and tougher difficulties by having to get good at damage avoidance to best utilize her talents. It would have made so much more sense. The damage adjustment that they did was needed and that alone should have put kruber, and probably victor as well, into check… overall open beta felt like most things were in a pretty good place that just needed some minor tweaks, and any adjustments otherwise could have just been fine tuning pack density, special spawn rate, item frequency, and so on… other than some broken things that were very fixable all the careers i played at least felt solid at the role they seemed to fill, with very few exceptions.

most of the nerfs were because of loud people with sensitive butts who were upset Fatshark was trying to add new stuff to the game instead of essentially doing a copy paste of the original like call of duty does., and/or from having bruised egos over a feature that doesn’t accurately represent how much a character contributes to the team effort and in what way (scoreboard) and demanding everything be nerfed because they couldn’t get top damage themselves every time. (as if that even matters…)

and, since people are still complaining about ammo and other things, I can only expect a continuation of the 180 until we end up playing a shallow husk of what this game could have been, and instead it turns into what could have just been more DLC for V1. which is a real shame considering all the time and effort they have put in to adding all the new elements in the first place.


want a challenge, go play legend, its hilariously overtuned right now

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people keep asking for the game to be harder, I wonder when they will figure out that it has difficulty settings.

after the massive nerf tsunami? I’m sure it is. just waiting for some big name to solo it and then for people to scream for more nerfs because X hero or career is OP due to player skill that they lack. That and/or people to slam face first into it over and over while being undergeared for it and complain that it’s impossible and has to be scaled down a million times… while other people complain it’s not hard enough… and so on.




Oh don’t you worry. Nerfs are coming in waaaaaaaaves.

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I suspect as much, since so many people would prefer to nerf everything than buff them to at least feel solid and interesting and balance the game in other ways… looking into a virtual surfboard.

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I object to this on the strongest possible terms… SOME People, to which FS seemingly, and unfortunatly, listens, but not all…


Right. Why buff the things no one liked? Naw, let’s just nerf all the enjoyable things. Gotta nerf nerf nerf. Don’t make the game funner, just water it all down until oranges are just whites. But orange. You get all the pretty colors! Woooo.


Game isn’t even worth playing right now, they wouldn’t let people even playtest Legend so its just a flustercluck and balance was all done by listening to who could screech the loudest


you’re right… there are a seemingly rare few that actually seem to look beyond “top damage! wooooo!” it wasn’t meant to be a catch all… i probably missed a word while typing that.

Once you know what your doing the game is way too easy. Traits, careers, talents, none of them matter when all you need is a hammer, rifle and dodge button. VT2 gives us all these shiny new toys, and nothing to test them against.

Legendary is just a poorer verion of Cataclysm atm. Hoards are just as squishy as Champion, with the only real difficulty being the abundance of special spawns.

You don’t want to push for buffs and lower difficulties now, while you’re still learning. Once you get the game figured out you’ll regret it, as there won’t be any challenge at the end of the road.

monster damage and hp, pack density, and so on, can be adjusted to tweak balance… one doesn’t have to nerf everything into the ground to make things hard. at this point, why even bother adding careers in the first place? why have weapon crafting and upgrades? why even bother with properties and traits? nerfing all heroes into the ground is a poor solution to adjust difficulty. it takes away anything interesting, unique, or solid any of them had to offer and makes them all feel bland.


continuing down the nerf everything path… well…
because that seems like a great way to go about things. :roll_eyes:

Granted, there were some very very mild buffs to some things (like an extra 5% damage on a handmaiden talent, for example) but the way classes were gutted in general… and the direction that seems to be going, and the still frequent complaints basically demanding more of that because tender buttholes due to damage numbers and kill counts on a scoreboard in a cooperative game… well…


Thats a good joke.

Yup. I love playing 3 different skins of Kerillian. Oh wait, those are supposed to be careers? Is she a fashion designer? Oh those are supposed to have some kind of enhancements. Like Making her look thinner or giving her curves?

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