Something that concerns me about how Fatshark approaches balancing

I agree that the game (in general, not pointing out specifics here) needs balancing between difficulty and the classes.

But what bothers me is that it appears the Fatshark approach is to take the big nerfbat to everything across the board if anything is approaching useful or fun. The reason this bothers me is that it hinders opportunities for players to try different things when a better approach is to instead buff the other talent or ability choices that suck instead of penalizing the good ones. Unless something is just absolutely out of whack it feels a lot better to have the other class abilities raised up to a viable level than to see things pulled back because the players were enjoying them too much.

I think so far in every patch note I’ve seen, it’s read “this was reduced, this was penalized, we removed this or cut this in half.” Nothing ever appears to be brought up. And if things are too easy, then make the game harder. Buff the enemies. Make changes to the spawns. But leave the game with high powered heroes figthing tons of enemies.

As an approach to the game, there’s a small (and usually excessively loud) portion of the population that is happy to see other’s favorite and most likely “wrong” way of playing the game removed rather than imroving everything else. If one hero’s abilities (such as the elf’s self heal) are too powerful, make it so the other abilities are worth picking up. Between that and the ammo nerf it seems like the general consensus is the less fun ways of playing the game there are the better. It doesn’t sit well with me and it’s both off-putting to new players and will make a lot of your veterans less interested if they can no longer play the game the way they want to. Besides, isn’t that why you have tiered difficulties?


Well, the problem is that since a lot of the players are returning VT1 veterans, they’re used to all the stats and traits giving you a very minor boost compared to running with plain starting gear. It was way more of a prestige than a mechanics thing to be all decked out back then.
And now some of the talents and abilities are gamechangers. Dragging down everything to 1-2% feels familiar and brings back that skill-based feel when all the advantages you got came from mastering the game’s mechanics.

Your opinion is valid, it just doesn’t match Vermintide.

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Awesome. So because I didn’t play the original game enough what I say has no bearing. The game should be tedious from the get go with no real equipment, variety, or class distinction because that’s how the original was.

Why did they even make a new game then?

Edit: and almost every other thread here I’ve read over half the comments are something similar. I’m not the only one.


Nothing is absolute, everything is relative. If they buff stuff, the game gets too easy and the have to increase the difficulty and you are again where we are now. Nerfing is not taking away fun, it is making things harder. That is important, because you might think you want an easy game where you one-shot everything, but you don’t. Such a game would become boring so very quick.


Again, the common thing I’m seeing is many of the changes, especially the ammo carry capacities mean that a lot of people don’t feel that a ranged build is viable anymore. Meaning the talents for it are now useless and there’s one less way to play. That’s not “making it harder,” that reducing the number of viable options. It affected only one playstyle, which wasn’t used by a huge portion of the community.

Edit: and to be clear, my primary play style is running around like a jackass dodging everything with the slayer build hacking things apart left and right. But the mostly ranged elf was a fun backup, and now doesn’t seem worth the time to play compared to the pure melee ones, so I don’t understand the reasoning behind the changes and the approach.

If people wodurch stop wasting ammo shooting random mobs that are no danger to the party whatsoever…

No, but seriously, your assumption is just not true. Ranged is very viable.


a lot got buffed to though , you just dont hit so much about that handmaidens dash , got a faster cd (i think) a bleed added and im sure the stagger was upped on it, but all you hear on the forums is the nerf to regen.

i think most reasonable people were expecting most of the changes, i for example am expecting further nerfs to siennas overcharge management and the elfs ammo regen. there still spamming range on everything across the difficulties. so im not sure what it is they nerfed hard enough to justify the

what specifically do you think they broke?