Anyone else feel that Pistols and Handguns aren't all that reliable?

Maybe its just me, but it honestly feels like most of the firearms in the game (barring the Grudereakers and Blunderbusses because shotguns) are far too inaccurate for their supposed roles, and honestly at times it feels like my shots just turn into smoke.

Like I can be getting ready to shoot a single target maybe 5 feet away from them, with a chest aimed shot mind you, and still somehow completely and utterly miss despite standing still and having the whole crosshairs as tight as possible.

And whats odd about this is that I’ve only ever noticed this happening in actual missions - in the actual Keeps I’ve noticed the accuracy being pretty much near perfect no matter the ranges or your movement and such, but in missions its like it gets dialed up pretty high and makes you miss shots that you honestly should have hit in the first place.

And this is a thing I’ve seen affect pretty much any firearm that isn’t intended to be inaccurate from the get go (like the Repeater Pistols whose regular fire just veer off wildly intentionally given the nature), from the Brace of Pistols to the Handguns for both the Ranger and Huntsman.


The Handgun for Kruber feels a bit to inaccurate for my taste, and what is even worse is that you don’t always get ammo for a headshot it seems (Huntsman) :confused:
Might as well just use the Blunderbuss.

Handgun on kruber would be better if the ammo back talents actually worked 100% of the time you got ahead shot, it randomly doesnt work or only half works.

Is it not a lag problem? (that may be resolve with dedicated server to come…)

it was typical issues in V1

I main bounty hunter and lvl 5 talent (25% less spread) drastically increases the accuracy of repeater pistol and brace of pistols.

Some times the ammo back on head shots don’t give ammo back. You get the orange crosshair mark and see their head explode but you don’t get ammo back every time. It also sometimes only works half way because with the talent that gives 2 ammo back on head shots you get a net gain of 1, but sometimes you only get the one shot you fired instead of gaining that shot and an extra one.

I don’t think WH has an issue here, but Kruber sure does. The repeater has low dmg, low ammo, and low accuracy, while the handgun has low accuracy, low ammo, low fire rate, and low dmg for its RoF. His only decent ranged weapon is the bow, and that’s locked to one class.

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Doesn’t the bow also have a pretty big accuracy issue if you draw it back fully for the zoom?

It does. Oddly, if you hold it down for more than 1 second it zooms in and the spread increases by double. But, for that one second before the zoom, your accuracy actually increases. I haven’t had an issue with it, because you have plenty of time before the zoom to charge, aim, and fire, and the accuracy is fairly pinpoint.

Yeah I feel the same thing about pistols when using victor. Aim is dead on, shot completely misses. Sometimes the aim is a little off from center but still clearly on the target, complete miss.

And speaking of reliable pistols, really dislike how short range the rapier pistol has. I mean I get that it should have drawback since its free shots but that thing cant kill anything unless its right up in my face, even the most basic skaven enemy can take 2-3 headshots at bare mid range.

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