Shotgun Headshot Fix

Can we get a small buff to shotguns so that hitting any pellets on the head lets you get ammo back? I know it makes them EXTREMELY easy to therefore keep up ammo on - but they’re already kind of a weapon that is inherently weak. The need for long-range accuracy to pick off threatening specials is so important that I think it’d probably be okay to let Blunderbuss and Grudgeraker easily keep up their small ammo supplies.

Maybe it’d turn out to be a bad idea in practice, but it’d be nice to be able to use them and NOT just go for Scrounger/Crit . . . if that even works in the beta anymore.

Last I checked they already work this way. One pellet in the middle of the spray is always railgun accurate so if you click directly on an enemy head you will proc conservative. (of course if you do that half of the pellets will miss the target) The other pellets can headshot too but the chance is extremely small at anything but point blank range. It used to be you could get headshots all the time by just aiming at chest height, but they changed the spread pattern from a ring shape to a more random cone of fire.

Last time I checked they didn’t count as headshots unless the majority of pellets hit the head. Maybe I missed this change?

Last time I checked they weren’t able to headshot but the alt-fire push could crit to help you out with ammo.

Okay, I specifically opened the game for a few minutes just to test how the Blunderbuss (no reason to believe GR is any different) headshotting works. I used Huntsman, mostly because he has an innate special to indicate effective headshots, but I happened to have a Conservative BB too.

The result was inconsistent at best. I guess high-quality slo-mo video could help more, but oh, well. The only consistent thing I could get out was that the bash either cannot headshot (probably due to being a genuine AoE effect) or is extremely hard to do so with. So that’s no use. Otherwise, my best deduction is that of the pellets that hit, the one that’s closest to the center of the aiming reticule decides whether a “real” headshot occurs. Only when I aimed at a dummy’s head, next to it or otherwise near it did ammo recovery occur. The visual indicator of a headshot - a different-colored crosshair - seems to be reliable indicator in this case, as every time it indicated a headshot, I gained ammo. I also got several times when the audio indicator of a headshot played, but only damage was affected, so those seem to be interlinked. Those times I was aiming at the torso of the dummy, or at torso height from further away, and at that point neither the visual indicator nor the ammo recovery worked.

If my testing is correct, I’m not sure what to make of it. On one hand, it indicates that to use Conservative Shooter, Huntsman’s passive, or other possible headshot abilities, you still need skill, but it mitigates the advantage of a shotgun-style pellet pattern to begin with, as your aim needs to be pretty good to reliably get the ability-proccing headshots. On longer ranges, it also gets to be a matter of luck. The procs are already limited to one per shot; every time I gained ammo I gained two (accounting for the passive and Conservative both), no matter how many pellets hit, so that’s not why its constructed like this.

I’d like to have each pellet check for headshot (not just damage) separately, but the procs still limited to one per shot, if only to play around and test how well it would work (primarily on Huntsman).

Note that this was a test done by one person in a few minutes and in the Keep, so it doesn’t reflect how well this works in-game at all, and isn’t sufficient to make assumptions with significant certainty.

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Thanks for your testing! That seems roughly in line with what I had assumed; it’s absurdly hard to get a headshot with a shotgun-type weapon. Honestly, by their very nature they seem . . . not as good as sniper-type weapons, so I think it’d be okay if they got easier headshots. You’d still have a hard time dealing with enemies at long range.

Interesting… I haven’t played Huntsman in a while because I’ve been working on the 100 mission IB hat but the last time I checked any pellet could headshot for damage and talent purposes. I will investigate further.

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