Undocumented changes to on-hit procs?

I noticed while playing yesterday that the procs for heat sink on my beam staff (shotgun attack only) seem far less reliable in 1.08 compared to previously. Not only is it proccing far less than it should in general, but the amount of heat vented seems to be completely random now, even when consistently hitting large numbers of targets. The constant beam is still proccing heat sink in the same way as it used to.

I’ve talked to a few other players who mentioned scrounger (ammo on headshot) procs not working as expected in 1.08 as well.

So…was there some sort of undocumented change made? Could we get it in the patch notes so we can understand what’s going on?

I don’t think that devs intentionally made Scounger procs random. It’s either a bug or just your feeling.

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I don’t know about scrounger, not having tested it myself, but heat sink is absolutely behaving differently than in 1.07 with the beam shotgun.

Maybe you’re bugged? Seemed ok to me.

Scrounger is not ammo on headshot but ammo on crit. It doesn’t seem to proc more than once per shot with the blunderbuss although there are instances where I’ve noticed I went to full ammo when I shouldn’t have based on the number of shots. Could have been from the ammo on headshot passive though.

Yeah, blunderbuss sometimes gives you ammo for headshots, but that’s very random.

I also noticed yesterday that Huntsman’s passive does not give ammo back when headshotting a mauler, at least with the handgun. Was it like that previously?

No idea, but that’s definitely a bug.

Ok I think I figured out the mauler issue, which seems to be a minor change in how ammo return procs work: When using a gun, ammo return procs can no longer fill you to maximum ammo, they can only fill up your reserve ammo. Bows do not seem to be affected due to the instant reloading and projectile travel time.

Essentially, if you play Huntsman (just an example, it’s like this with any class) with the handgun, you have 1 ammo in your gun plus 17 reserve. When you fire, you then have 0 in your gun and still 17 in reserve until the reload finishes. Ammo return procs cannot refill your reserve ammo above 17 (though ammo boxes can) so your first shot with max ammo will never return any. I do not believe this was the case in 1.07.


how much crit are you running on heat sink setup? It feels like the amount was set slightly lower perhaps but it feels more consistent at the same time, it still procs just fine for me. On my sienna with my setup beam still won’t ever allow me to overcharge with the pyro passive and my crit %

Maybe the beamstaff tickrate seems slightly… slower however? nvm, dunno, ultimately seems to still be functioning though :o

It’s my understanding that the base crit chance is 5%. Then I have 5% on my trinket and 4% on my staff, plus 5% per stack (or was it 6%?) on the pyro passive which will max out at 25% - all together up to 39%.

After I’ve played more I’m thinking that the proc chance isn’t an issue - it’s just that sometimes it vents so little heat that I don’t even notice, despite me blasting into a dense horde. Other times it works more or less as expected based on my experience in previous patches - venting 4 heat per target hit.

Are we talking beam’s shotgun here? Because I notice venting a LOTTT quicker when just tazing across the heads of a horde with the beam and then going back to shotty. And most classes have around 5% I think there’s 1-2 that have more base crit but don’t quote me on it, but yeah you have about max then.

Yes that’s what I meant. I haven’t noticed beaming first affecting heat sink when using the shotgun though.

Some classes do have an extra crit bonus but Pyro only has the overcharge-based bonus.

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