Shade - Volley Crossbow improvement

The Volley Crossbow is lackluster whenever you have to reload, your weapon reamins aimed for half a second for no reason, annoying when trying to switch weapons or reloading and I have the feeling this isnt really intentionally, because the animation is just awkward, as if your hero suddenly remembers that reloading is a thing.

Second problem is the alt fire, pressing RMB and proceeding to use LMB lets the Crossbow stay in alt fire mode even if you stop pressing RMB, EXTREMELY annoying in terms of managing ammo when you just want to use one more bolt and not three - especially when you can just hold RMB if you want to stay in alt fire mode.

Both these problems do not exist with Saltzpyre’s repeater crossbow, a clarification if those things are intentionally or animations problems would be nice.

I did not play with xbow to much - as for me lack of zoom is somehow depressing, but I never had this problem at all.
About reload I will need to check it - cose well maybe I was not paying attention to reload animation, but for me it was also ok, or just maybe it did not annoyed me at all.

Im not sure if its the reload animation itself, because that is as fluent as it can be, its just that holding your empty weapon in front of you is really weird.


Should post this in bugs section. I have noticed the staying in alt fire problem as well

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