Volley Crossbow and Other Ranged Weapons Forcing Reloads

If the Shade’s or Saltz’s volley crossbows get ammo return on conservative shooter(and presumably others sources like scrounger) when you have 0 spare ammo then the weapon forces a reload and you can’t stop it unless you swap weapons. This seems to occur with any weapon that has more than one shot in a “magazine”(like Brace of Pistols).

Shade Volley

Saltz Volley


Hmm, never really noticed that before, but then again, i pretty much only use Barrage or Hunter on my ranged weapons with a few exceptions here and there.

You can actually shoot through animation but yeah its very bad

This was probably added because people complained their weapons didn’t automatically reload while they had ammo available (because they gained it from scrounger/conservative etc)

Yes it’s awkward in the actual state.

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