Thank you Fatshark for buffing Elf 2H Sword!

Just wanted to thank Fatshark for buffing the Elven 2H Sword.

I’ve been using it a lot with the Handmaiden since this beta patch and it went from possibly most useless weapon in the game IMHO, to a viable alternative to the Glaive (with some tradeoffs).

Sure the Glaive does much more damage and is just as good (if not slightly better) as horde clearing but there are some qualities of the Elf 2H Sword that make it a viable alternative.

And that alternative is being able to go from offense to defense and back fluidly (as the Handmaiden).

The main reason is the 2H Swords push attack and return to guard speed (mainly due to animation speed). It is very fast an allows you to attack and then return to defense quickly and to not expose yourself for too long. Additionally, based upon the outcome of the push attack you an launch into the normal light swing pattern of the 2H Sword or go back to guard, effectively switching between offense, defense and control quickly.

Another good thing about the 2H Sword is the push attack with the 25% additional chance to crit. I find that if I have a target off on the left side of my screen when I initiate the push attack, the 2H Sword hits it in the head and this can cause a 1-shot kill on a Storm Vermin if I crit. (I do run Skaven + Armored for 20% bonus though…)

Unfortunately, despite the buff to armor penetration, it’s still very ineffective at dealing with elites, requiring several heavy attacks to the head to kill most targets. Requiring you to dance forwards and back jousting repeatedly. Making it difficult to deal with mixed hordes where a few armored / shielded targets are mixed in with the masses.

The follow up attack to the Heavy Attack is a wide, fast sweep of the blade that at first glance appears to be a good horde clearing attack with linesman and good damage. But the problem is that this is a follow up to the Heavy Attack which is intended for elites/armored targets and is thus realistically useless.

Instead of a wide sweeping cleave as a follow up to the Heavy Attack, I’d like to see some form of downward chop like on the executioner’s sword as a follow up to the Heavy Attack to make the weapon more effective vs armored targets where Headshots matter.

As it stands, the changes are very good to the state of the game as it attempts to alleviate the fact that certain weapons are obsolete, however without addressing the 2H Swords ability to deal with armored targets and elites it will forever been in the shadow of the glaive.

I have tried to swap in 2H sword as an alternative to the Glaive but its disadvantages far outweigh any advantage. As soon as you have mixed armor with heavy trash intensity, or dealing with a cluster of SV, or CW, 2H sword becomes very cumbersome and awkward. Instead of attacking I find myself kiting and holding block for too long.

I tried several legend games with 2H sword and its not impossible to use. But if you find yourself alone at any point and have to deal with armor to clutch for downed opponents, its not that great a weapon anymore. Glaive is far safer.

I think I mentioned this somewhere else before, I believe the Glaive is far too good of a “DO EVERYTHING DECENTLY” type weapon, while the 2H sword might be actually balanced compared to the rest of the arsenal.

Its just difficult to clutch the game on your own with mixed armor with 2H sword, which is a situation you find far too often. The standard attack just plinks off armor, even a single SV - leaving you wide open to maneuver that stab attack. And on top of that, that stab attack is not even that effective. Removing threats is the game, and doing it safely is the game. Too many times I find myself in situations that I am doing well with 2h sword ONLY if the team is up and closeby to help dispatch armor, otherwise I find myself somewhat useless and defending for too long. Thats the game. So 2H sword? Well, my “Sword of the forsaken Hero” will stay parked. Its not a go-to weapon for Legend games.


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