Please Give Kerillians Two-Handed Sword a second charged Attack

To my experience all other melee-weapons have at least a secondary Charge attack, except Kerillians Two-Handed Sword and her Glaive. But the Glaives charged moveset feels more like a combo. Starting with a light upwards Slash followed by a strong downslash and ends again with a light slash. On the other hand the Two-Handed Sword has a good chargeable thrust attack followed by a “unnecessary” light swing. It feels wierd to chain multiple charge attacks together.

As suggestion:

  1. Make the second attack “chargeable”
    or maybe
  2. Add A third attack to the combo with a small benefit like “partiel armor penetration”

I’m pretty sure that followup swing after the change stab is not simply a light attack.

It’s not a light attack. Even though it is a sweep.

Those are combo heavy attacks, they are not light attacks.

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One thing the 2-handed seems to have wrong is that it doesn’t seem to block-cancel quickly.
Here it usually ends doing a push instead.

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wardancer sword has 2 heavy attacks in the chain - stab + sweeping attack from left side.

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