Wardancer blade feedback


So i was trying out some of the weapons post the game launch, and while a lot seems about the same on Kerillian´s it seems to be like her glaive was buffed.

It now hits more targets on it’s swings.

When i noticed this i immediately thought of the Wardancer blade, a weapon that has had a longstanding reputation of being pretty useless or bugged so i went to check it to see if anythings different.

And while the bugs seem to be gone i came to realize that it’s pretty similar to the glaive…except it lacks the anti armor and anti shield capabilities

They both have wide sideways swings that clear out weaker mobs but glaive has the hands down best heavy attacks for taking anything that isn’t a boss down, even chaos warriors drop quickly.

And while it lacks the ability to really handle dense hordes of enemies, so does the Wardancer blade, i could not perceive a difference in dealing with hordes using either weapon.

But Glaive is just so much stronger against everything else.

So my feedback is that the Wardancer blade is performing very poorly, it doesn’t have any particular niche or job it fills nor is there any merit in picking it.

Despite being a sword with wide swings the Spear and bows are all better options for a larger number of enemies, and the heavy attack loses out against Glaive´s.

So i suggest that the weapon needs buffs to give it a niche, be it blocking for a frontline, wider and more cleaving swings or just more damage overall.

Currently the weapon has no merits which is a shame for something that looks so nice x)


I honestly I love how the weapon looks and I agree that it could use a bit of a buff. Would be a shame not to get to use it because its underperforming.

Even aiming the heavy attack stab on the enemy head deals way less damage against armored targets than just heavy attacking enemys with the glaive.

They really have to bring that one back up so it is atleast on par with the glaives heavy attack.

I wouldnt make it exactly as hard hitting as the glaive as it seems a bit faster and easier to aim but it certainly should hit harder than it does now.

Thanks for the feedback, did a quick speed-buff of the wardancer light attack before launch. We will continue to finetune/balance stuff so I’ll take this with me and we’ll see what happens.


It neends to be faster on light attacks and you have to fix its block delay bug where you stop holding block and press attack and it still does push intead. This is game breaking.

It needs also more cleave because right now it has no role (Glaive is anti-armor/elite, Spear is anti horde, SD/DD is balanced, Wardance is…nothing.)


hm really? the wardancer definitely seems like it hits more targets on lights than the glaive does so it feels slightly better against the hordes, with the extra stamina being nice too. i do agree that it’s worse on armored and shields though. feels like the first thrust in the charge combo knocks stormvermin back a bit too much and makes the follow up harder to hit, and even when you do it doesn’t always kill them. it used to not do this so i’m guessing it’s got something to do with whatever was changed with enemy staggers when the game went live.

definitely agree on the block thing. that’s one of the main reasons i don’t use the sword. i think its speed is pretty good for what it does on hordes though. the weapon feels immensely better than it did before launch and i actually want to use it more. fixing this little thing would probably push me to equipping it much more.

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it might be a little behind the glaive but i really like the wardancer blade. compared to it its faster hits more targets across a wider arc but for less there is still anti armour in the charge , a push strike is a bit faster and more controlling and has anti shield like nearly all of those strikes, its follow up charge attack is a fantastic flat fast and wide multi target hit

really all round its faster easier to use and comes with more control , but they are both excellent weapons

Personally to further differentiate it from the Glaive I’d like to see it being a bit faster and more nimble.

What I mean by this:

  • After the Push+Attack, the next light attack takes ages to perform. This delay should be severely reduced or better completely removed
  • Light Attacks just a bit faster
  • Biggest change: Let light attacks be cancelled by block, similar to how the “small” weapons function

Currently, both weapons hit 4 targets with their light attacks. Maybe even nerf the Glaive to 3 targets, but that would upset those who love the Glaive, so maybe just buffing the Wardancer Blade is the better solution.


If they fixed the input issues with wardancers i think it would be in a good spot.
Not only is it hard to go from a block into an attack without pushing, it can be pretty damn hard just going from attacking to blocking if you see an overhead coming your way, it feels like there’s some input buffering going on where you’ll just keep on swinging while not clicking left click, and having to do perfect inputs to be able to go from offence to defence and back again just isn’t feasible.
Apart from that, i think the weapon performs well even on legend.
It has great cleave, great stagger, good mobility and does adequately against stormvermin, though all kind of shields feel like something of a roadblock. I also agree that it does feel sluggish without extra attack speed, but i figured it was on account of it being a two-hander after all.

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I definitely feel theres a problem with how fast the weapon goes up for a block and for some reason I often get a double ‘push’ with it when I only push once.

I’ve noticed with the wardancer blade that LMB spamming while moving forward does a different set of combo attack which are slashes from right to left while going sideways it does a different set where it’s more of a hack from sideway that stops in the middle. Does this happen to anyone?

You’re right it feels weak compared to the other elf options.

But to me it seems good compared to 2h sword or x-sword on kruber - largely because the faster attack speed makes it much easier to stagger hordes and avoid being hit.

Since the glaive was buffed i don’t really think the wardancer blade actually hits more targets anymore,at least i could not notice the difference.

Some seem to think it does while someone else on the threads claim they do infact hit the same amount.

And in either case they are about the same in attackspeed, both underperform against hordes and Glaive wastly outperforms against…well anything special just because a single heavy attack combo kill any non-beefy special unit or boss and rather quickly too while ignoring armor and breaking shields.

It also seems to have some bugs left regarding blocking, pushing and related moves such as canceling.

Glaive is a bit special because it´s heavy attack can be chained into a three hit combo.

And the second hit, is a overhead swing that almost always hits…well a head and it deals huge damage, more than a longbow headshot which is honestly something i haven’t seen for melee weapons.

Not that i have actually tried everything, but my lowest characters are level 10 at the very least and i did make a point of trying out as much stuff as i could while leveling them.

Now consider that it becomes a combo of headshot damage+armor ignoring+heavy attack and it’s a 2 hander it’s no wonder it hurts, but it makes the difference in performance stand out more.

SHHHhhhhhhhh quiet! don’t let the forum trolls and nerf herders hear you!!!

Thankfully both weapons are pretty bad against enemy clusters which is a pretty significant downside, so even if someone calls for nerfs there is no real point in it x)

Ignoring the double-push issues with the weapon (which are quite prevalent) I do quite enjoy the Wardancer blade. The only thing I think it needs is marginally more damage on the charge attack against armored targets or, alternatively, a marginally higher base crit multiplier. SV take forever to contend with when using the Wardancer, and CWs are even more nightmarish.

It’s a bit of a shame, as the weapon has a lovely moveset for both light and charged attacks.


My issue with it is that it only hits 4-5 targets or a rotblood warrior+ some small targets.

It’s waaay too little, especially when dealing with hordes or groups, multiplied when dealing with armor and shields of any kind.

Armor+Shield? Good luck hitting them this year x)

Spear heavy attack can actually hit everything infront of you and on the sides if you swing properly, even its light swipe hits a lot of targets.

But then again, that spear is closer to a glaive than a actual spear, long blade ontop of having a pointy end.

As long as they dont nerf the second strong attack swing, I highly doubt Glaive will lose its status quo.

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