Armor Piercing weapons for Kerillian

As per title; I’m hoping Fatshark changes up some of Kerillian’s weapons to allow better armor piercing. It’s already confounding that an arrow from a longbow does not pierce most helmets in the game, let alone adding to the fact that it’s coming from a bloody elven longbow - I’m hoping at least for better penetration on some of the melee weapons; if you’re to check the vague “descriptions”, none of the melee weapons in her repertoire mention armour piercing and if the handaxe that Victor has is able to do it; I don’t see why shouldn’t the glaive be given the same function.

The glaive is armour piercing, tho its not in its description.

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This is where the Armored Mannequins come in super handy.
Basically take a weapon and smack it and you’ll see if it can get past the armor or not.
The Glaive can damage armored targets. I believe all charged melee attacks can damage armored targets.
The Sword/Dagger is the second most reliable weapon for doing damage to an armored target on basic attacks.

Yes, as anyone should know if they completed the tutorial…


The 2h sword 1st charge attack is a thrust that does HEAVY headshot damage both to armored and not. If you are accurate it does work. The 2nd heavy attack is a quick sweep that is of average heavy attack effectiveness vs armor. Practically this means the 1st hit is the most important, and the second is for stagger and clear. It’s not Glaive, but it’s pretty good against armor still if you are accurate with that stab.

That being said, the 2h sword overall is below the overall effectiveness of spear and glaive. It’s just too slow baseline. You need like 10% attack speed to make it viable. I love the weapon but it is what it is.

dude. i heavily frown upon people coming to the forums and making threads about weapons when they haven’t even attempted to master them. You’re making a post about armor piercing but fail to even realise that the glaive has innate armor piercing on all strikes - this means you haven’t done your due diligence and yet you are trying to effect change.

If you have played the slayer’s dual axes, you would have realised that they too have armor piercing but do not display it on the weapon description list, probably because it only has a maximum display of 3 keywords. This is the reason why i dislike weapon stats - it blinds some people from actually seeing what the weapons can do.

That being said, I feel that her lighter weapons without armor piercing are great against rats but struggle on heavier chaos mobs and armor because of the low strike range. However in the latest patch they revamped legend to have less armor and more hordes, so i’m keen to experiment with my beloved sword n dagger combo once more.

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