Kruber melee weapons feedback

I’ve raised every character to 30, upped my item loot to 300, play mostly on legend and gotten a couple of reds for it. I feel I know enough to give proper feedback. I’ll start with Kruber’s melee arsenal.

1-handed sword: While its speed is nice, the damage output is just too low. The first normal strike can’t even kill a clanrat with a headshot. It takes a full combo of 3 hits to kill a normal marauder. I feel that upping either the base damage and/or the headshot multiplier to the point where a marauder takes 2 normal headshots or one headshot with the final strike would be fine. The charged attack could very well be upped to the point where having a 10% damage increase would let you one-shot marauders with a headshot, if you choose to specialize that way with gear.

1-handed mace: I feel this weapon is the most balanced of Kruber’s gear. It deals pretty well with everything, but it doesn’t excel at any one thing. Wouldn’t really change it.

Halberd: For a versatile weapon, it seems to do everything a little too well. Currently, I’d say it’s Kruber’s best anti-armor weapon. The push-attack combo kills Stormvermin very quickly while block-cancelling into a charged attack - or even a non-charged - is very good against hordes. The thrust attacks are redundant though, as the push-attack deals damage faster and are easier to headshot with, thus making the thrusts’ headshot bonus rather pointless. To be brutally honest, I think this weapon’s design is a bit off. Kruber already had a lot of versatile gear; pretty much all of it to some extent except for the 2-handed sword, which is very much designed for hordes and little else. I’d think it would be better as a specialized anti-armor weapon, like the 1-handed axes. But I doubt there’s enough will to redesign it, so I’d rather suggest just slowing it down a bit and making the strikes feel a bit heavier.

Executioner’s sword: While it seems rather buggy right now, it will probably be a strong weapon for late-game once it’s working properly. It’s versatile in the same sense as the 1-handed mace; quick attacks for weak enemies, strong attack for heavier enemies. It’s also rather slow, which is fair because of its strength and versatility. Though this weapon seems to make the 2-handed sword redundant.

2-handed sword: Specialized for horde-clearing, it sacrifices a ton of anti-armor for multi-hitting and crowd control. A bit too much, I think, as it takes just about half a dozen strikes to kill a Stormvermin. I see very little reason to take this over the Executioner’s sword, as handicapping yourself against armor is too much just for slightly more crowd control. Right now, the Executioner’s sword also kills 3 Skavenslaves per hit even without headshotting. I would up the damage and/or attack speed on the normal attacks to make it a better non-headshot DPS weapon and add enough armor-piercing to the charged attack to kill a Stormvermin in 3 hits, body or head, to distinguish it from the Executioner’s sword. Probably also up the charged damage across multiple enemies. Even with all this, the Executioner’s sword would probably still be more popular as it’s easier to use and destroys armor much faster. Ideally, to make the weapon more fun to use, I suggest making the push-attack combo into a quicker combo with some burst damage to it, similar to the Halberd’s current push-attack combo.

Sword & Shield / Mace & Shield: I put these two together because I feel that they’re too similar. One has slightly more damage and the other slightly more control. Compare this to Bardin’s Axe & Shield / Hammer & Shield. I suggest that you drop the heavy attack shield bash from the Sword & Shield and just have the other two heavy strikes, but make them both single-target, then balance the damage accordingly - and make them both armor-piercing, as currently the left-to-right heavy swing does not pierce armor. This makes the Sword & Shield comparable to the Axe & Shield, but without being a complete copy.

2-handed Hammer: A strong weapon currently; it has good armor-piercing and great crowd control with the charged attacks. Again, a versatile weapon that it seems rather strong in its versatility. I’d say make the charged swing a bit slower to charge up, granting a bit more reason to use the 2-handed sword instead.

Hope I made myself clear, if this post gets some positive acknowledgement I’ll keep making them but for other weapon sets. Thank you for reading.


I agree with what you have here man.

the halberd seems to be the best weapon for kruber atm. sword and shield seem redundant after bardins tank abilities with his gear. i main him as well.

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