Bop modding

now bop cant 1 shot assassin anymore. i’m thinking of modding me getup back to 1 shotting it again. do i need 20% or 10% against skaven for bop to 1 shot runner? atm i have 10 against chaos and 5% crit chance on me bop and 10% against chaos and 5% attack speed on me charm.

I currently 2shots maulers (i think they’re called maulers. they’re 1 tier below cw with a mask and naked chest with red pants guy), blightstormers, leeches and berserkers. I wanna continue to 2 shots those and still 1 shot assassin.

do i need 10% or 20% against skaven for this :o?

oh i should probably mention this is on legend lol

you play WHC

and post this outside feedback

I am WHC with no vs skaven or vs infantry and I 1-shot assassins with BoP. Did just yesterday, although he was leaping at me (it was in the middle of his jump) and was only about 4-5 meters from me, so there was no or little dmg dropoff. But I am quite certain I 1-shot them from a lot farther away still. The tag bonus helps of course.

Well I’ve been running +10% vs Armored, +5% Crit PLUS +10% vs Skaven on the Trinket.

I like two shotting SVs.

On occasion I do run +10% vs Chaos instead, +5% Crit on the Pistols.

I don´t think you really need vs skaven or vs armored to 2-shot SVs, I run neither and still 2-shot them I believe. Would have to test though to be 100% sure it isn´t because of crits.

Unfortunately 10% power is just a little shy. Its 17.5 base, with +10% its 18.25.

You need 39 total in the two shots.

So either +10 Skaven and +10 Armor, or +20 Armor.

Basically its the same gear you’d use for X-Bow for one shotting them with Ping.

EDIT: in a nutshell, you can basically swap back and forth now between either weapon depending on what you need. Are you in groups can’t trust where you may have to gun down a Storm Vermin patrol or having to gun down a lot at short range? Or are you running with people you do trust so you can snipe them from long range and also fire a shot or two into a horde for more kills. Now its a take your pick option between X-Bow and BoP.

it’s unfortunate to have to choose between 2 shotting maulers or sv, because both breakpoints are within the 20% threshold. Choosing the sv breakpoint, you also can’t 1 shot marauders.

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Luckily you don’t generally have as many Maulers clustered together the way you do Storm Vermin, otherwise the choice for me would be the other way around.

Maulers are nastier because they have so much health and generally hang with a CW or multiple shield users. But generally there’s only one of them so I can use Ping to make up for it… SVs come at you in clusters and are generally in your face or coming at you too fast to ping them all.

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