Mauler's Need Reduced Head Armor

In a 1v1, they’re pretty manageable as long as they aren’t lurking like the silent assassins they can be, but as soon as they mix in with a horde they become a nightmare since they prevent all cleave (even after their cleave mass reduction) and they’re unstaggerable. It makes it really noticeable when enemies clip inside of him and are able to get free swings from the safety of his groin until you’re able to kill him. This is worse when two or more of them stack on top of each other and they basically can become a single axe wielding helicopter.

So ideally, you would be able to kill them with a ranged character so you wouldn’t have to fight them in melee combat then, but with the overall power reduction they are really really tanky. At max hero power, on Legend:

  • Kerillian’s longbow, with 18% power to chaos, still requires 3 body shots to drop them and does so little headshot damage to them it may as well heal them

-Sienna’s bolt staff requires two fully charged shots, and any other staff requires at least three, Pyromancer’s ult isn’t even able to one shot them in the head which leads me to believe that their head is copy and pasted from the Chaos Warrior’s

-Kruber’s longbow requires two body shots, and at least twice as many headshots, which is extremely frustrating since his talents are designed around rewarding the player for getting headshots with difficult to use weapons (and basically every trait in the game based on the headshot condition).

-Bardin’s Slayer requires several power attacks with dual axes to either the head or body, and his 2h hammer just doesn’t work since that weapon depends so heavily on bonus damage from headshot.

-Saltzpyre’s Bounty Hunter, with repeater pistol on blessed shot, is really the only weapon that can deal with them a timely manner.

Compare this to their skaven counterpart, the Stormvermin, which reward both melee and ranged players with a satisfying headshot for many weapons, from Executioner Sword, Glaive, Longbow, Flame Dagger, etc. This is positive feedback for a player, which is just thrown overboard when they find out that these casual looking mobs actually have a Chaos Warrior glued to their head. There is no way for a good player to use their skill to deal with them in a more efficient manner than just chugging out dps on their body. Otherwise they risk dealing with the helicopter in melee combat if the Marauder isn’t singled out. It isn’t necessarily gamebreaking, but it’s just downright unfun. And while the problem of enemy collision might be hard to fix, the Marauder issue can at least be toned down a bit by letting us reach a one shot headshot threshold on weapons like the executioner sword, glaive, longbow, and bolt staff.

You’re talking about 2-3 shots here, wouldn’t it be rather counter-intuitive to reduce a melee specialist chaos veteran to a oneshot trashmob?
In my experience there’s usually 3-4 people shooting at them at soon as they’re tagged anyway.


if you’re talking about maulers, the big guys with the funky hats and giant weapons, then yes they are able to be staggered. the stacking part on them is definitely ridiculous though, but that’s a game wide issue.


They don’t prevent all cleave and they are not unstaggerable. They are like chaos warriors but without their body armor, so you can engage them without armor pen hits.

AFAIK they are maulers and somehow called “raiders” in the game files.

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Stormvermin have a one shot headshot but they’re definitely a step above trash. I’m more upset that there isn’t a faster way to deal with them using good aim. They already take more body shots than the armored stormvermin, and it’s not like Legend doesn’t spawn enough Chaos Warriors that these two units don’t need to basically be sharing roles.

That’s reasonable.

I personally like the variety, and I like to think that it’s exactly their specific niche to be resistant in the head, unlike everyone else. I guess it would be more fair and still unique if they had a critical location that’s not their head.

That would be pretty fun, maybe some chaos mutation like an eyeball growing out of their chest or something. It could even be different for each unit.

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i actually really like the v1.05 marauders. i’ve had to adapt my playstyle so much because they’re REALLY scary now, which is kinda fun. i treat them as mini chaos warriors, pumping them full of arrows from a distance rather than risk melee.

They are fine.
" In the Dongliz… I love blow Dawi"

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