Maulers should take more damage from head shots than body shots

Every new player that I’ve talked to didn’t know that Maulers take less damage from headshots, as it is very unintuitive, and the average player isn’t going to the testing range to test these kind of things. Make the obvious change of giving the Mauler’s head flak armor and either changing the body to carapace or keeping it as flak.

Why make an interesting enemy less interesting?


Players not going to the testing range is really their own fault, and they’re voluntarily handicapping themselves.
It makes more sense in Vermintide, where having a high finesse weapon still deals more damage to their head, especially if it’s an armour piercing strike, so it requires some degree of decision making. Also, in Vermintide it’s very obvious that their body is naked and their head is armoured, and the same is not true in Darktide.

This is not an interesting gameplay mechanic

I think it is. It switches things up a bit.

I agree though, that it could be communicated more clearly.

It is funny going from V2 where the voice callouts constantly berate you for not headshotting heavily armoured enemies constantly.

Why dont your swuadmates make fun of you for headshotting maulers?

(Because the switch from well designed and unjque characters to soulless poorly customizable hobos ruined the best part of Vermintide)

It works just fine for an identical enemy in vermintide. The problem is that the maulers body looks no less armoured than its head. There is an obvious sound played when you bound off carapace, and a visual effect too. The enemy is fine. Some VA or tutorial direction to show it more obviously would be ideal, not a change to the enemy.