Mauler headshot damage

While I’ve been messing around with the different weapons in the Meat Grinder, I noticed that the Mauler takes vastly reduced damage from headshots from both melee and ranged attacks. My experience in missions also reflects this, it seems better to go for body shots.

The Mauler’s head armor also seems to be flagged as carapace armor, while the rest of the armor is flagged as flak armor. Is this intended behavior? It seems kinda strange given the emphasis on exploiting weak points in the tide games.

Edit: Here is a GIF of the damage test

I’m certain that this is intentional. I like it, it’s different.

There’s also an elite in VT2 with the exact same quirk.

I certainly don’t mind it either, but I was curious about it since it is so different. If nothing else, I hope this post raises awareness!

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It’s confusing, but yeah that’s how the mauler works : hit the body. Unless you’re wielding an axe or some other weapon with ‘penetration’ as a property, in which case the damage difference isn’t so dramatic.

I think it is intentional, and I kinda like it. As a Veteran with pretty good aim most specials drop in a few moments to Volley Fire.

I fear no special but that… thing.
It scares me.

Unless I’m using a Helbore because charged shots go through carapace.

This is definitely intended, like in Vermintide 2 its whats called super armor, which reduces the damage of ranaged attacks Significantly, and even halfs the damage of melee strikes

Yeah this is an enemy type ported over from Vermintide. Maulers in vermintide have heavily armoured helmets but unarmoured bodies. So all but the strongest armour piercing weapons are ineffective when trying to headshot them.

It’s a quirk designed to make combat more complicated by introducing an enemy in between marauders and chaos warriors. For instance staggering effects will still have a bigger impact on headshots, but not damage. And abilities that proc on headshot will only activate if you hit the armoured head, but again deal less damage.