Elf longbow damage bug?

I am not sure if this a bug or intended, but the charged shot of the elfen longbow does more damage when shot before fully charged up than the shot when fully charged up.

At least it shows bigger numbers against the dummy.

Can be reproduced by choosing any elf career, then choose the longbow and shoot an almost charged shot and a charged shot against the dummy.

the elf longbow has no “almost” charged state, as soon as you hit right click the bow advances to being fully charged. Odds are you’re either shooting too fast for the bow to actually move out of being uncharged/doing a light attack or you’re firing the second shot fast enough that the dummy is still staggered from the first shot, resulting in a damage increase due to the stagger mechanic in the game.


@Incandescent was on the right track, the elven longbow has no charge up whatsoever on it´s aimed shot beyond the “reload” time. And as he suspected indeed the higher damage is simply a case of you hitting the dummy before the stagger can wear off when you are shooting without allowing keri to fully pull the arrow back.

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Yep, @Incandescent is right. It was the stagger that increased the damage.

Sorry, my fault. But thanks for clearing that up.


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