Empire Longbow: it doesn't recharge the arrow automatically

If you shoot an arrow with Empire Longbow, and then you quickly return to your melee weapon, “next arrow” will not be ready. When you will need the bow once again, it will have a boring delay before you can zoom/fire with it.

This bug makes the weapon more clunky without reasons… and it feels pretty unnatural too, since should be a bows’ advantage/style the absence of the “reloading time”. Indeed Elf Bow hasn’t this problem.
I mean, I take the bow and it could be ready or not depending how much I quickly swapped the weapons.

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I don’t have any sources on this and I can’t test it because my PSU died, but I recall someone saying that this lets you swap to your melee weapon or item more quickly than the elf longbow, which has a slight delay due to it forcing an arrow to be nocked.

I’m testing it right now and the delay seems to me identical o.O

That’s a shame. Would be a cool feature imo. Hopefully it gets fixed then.

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It is quite simple, the Manbow has a reload time while the elf longbow doesn’t have one.
The armoury mod also shows this.
This, in theory, underlines their differences, with the Manbow being the slow, but heavy hitter and the elf longbow being the faster, yet not quite as damaging weapon.
I think this was intentional, so i would rather post it under feedback than bugs.


I don’t understand how you didn’t know this @souI23. You have made plenty of feedback topics about manbow and how it’s bad in comparison to the elf longbow or other ranged bows, how come you didn’t know this? Other people and myself have even commented on your manbow threads showing comparisons and talking about the reload. How can you make comparison threads and not know it has a reload, even still after looking at other players responses on ur threads. I’m a bit confused.


Sure that I knew the presence of this “mechanics”, indeed I put it more times as ManBow’s disadvantage into my threads… But I can’t read developers’ minds nor know if it’s intended or not… I wrote this thread for my curiosity.

Even because, as said, it’s a little bit confusing as mechanics… it’s not a clear and “precise” reload time like Crossbow or Handgun… And it doesn’t fit well with bows’ style.

But imho this malus should be removed both of it’s a bug or intended.

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Oh you just wanted re assurance, my bad.
Pretty sure it’s not a bug, but it can’t hurt to know for sure.

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Ye, exactly… because if it’s a bug there is an higher % to see it “fixed”.

Don’t worry, happens :+1:

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This is not a bug. This is the case of all weapons : switching them does not reload them, and that makes sense.

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I don’t know if it’s a bug or not… but Elf Bow hasn’t this problem, we can’t say that it’s the case of all weapons.

Huh… I just did tests and I am pretty sure I had encountered the situation where my bow wasn’t loaded on Kerillian… The reload is indeed instant, and even when out of ammo and getting some back, the reload on swap is instant.
Which is also indeed not the case for Kruber’s bow, which indeed does take longer before being able to zoom.

I still don’t think it is a bug on Kruber’s side, rather one on Kerillian’s.

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It’s not a problem, it’s by design.

The throwing axes don’t recall themselves if you shoot and quick-swap to melee. The Repeater-Handgun doesn’t reload itself if you shoot and quick-swap to melee. The Brace of Pistols doesn’t reload itself if you shoot and quick-swap to melee.

If anything, Manbow is the one in the norm here and Elf-Longbow is the outlier, not the other way around.

This is true; we technically can’t pass judgement because the Hag-Bow and the Swift-Bow might follow the Elf-Longbow’s trend, but then it’s recognizably a Kerillian-specific feature/bug… which, if taken in that context, means that Man-Bow is still the norm because it behaves similarly to Kruber’s other ranged weapons.

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I don’t agree so much… weapons you quoted (Axes apart wich are particular) are gunpowder ones, with a clear reload animation that you have to trigger. You should compare bows with bows.
Bows work, or at least should, otherwise… the absence of the reload time is a their particularity; indeed ManBow hasn’t a precise reaload animation that we can trigger… we have just to wait some instants before to swap; but we can’t know clearly how much we must wait if we don’t look the ammo-acounter (removing attention to the game). It doesn’t me to me very intuitive…

This isn’t to say “nope, I’m right and it’s a bug”, I don’t know it… these are just my vision.

But even if it’s intended… it doesn’t seem to me a nice mechanics.

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I understand wanting to compare bows with bows and I also understand wanting to compare it directly to Elf-Longbow (because, obviously, it’s the closest thing to ‘identical’ we have) but it’s a ranged weapon. Subdividing all ranged weapons into smaller sections isn’t accurate when all ranged weapons behave a certain way (EDIT: sorry, the correct wording should be “the vast majority of ranged weapons behave a certain way”; however, I don’t think it discredits my point that every other ranged weapon in the game we are not discussing, from X-Bows to guns to shotguns, are all obeying this same reload mechanic).

Brace of Pistols automatically reloads when you draw the weapon; this is a staple of all ranged weapons. Any ranged weapon that you draw that has a not-full magazine will begin a cancellable reload animation when drawn. So, it tracks that the Man-Bow does this if it’s magazine is empty when you draw it.

Man-Bow is like all other ranged weapons; the only difference between it and the Handgun (with regards to reloading) is that one of them has a longer reload time. So, if you swap away from the weapon before the reload is complete, it shouldn’t be reloaded.

However, I do see this as a reason to inspect why the Elf-Bow can’t be cancelled during reloading and leave an empty bow for when she re-equips it.

I have understood your pov, but I don’t see nothing wrong about to divide ranged weapons in smaller sections, I mean, this already happens (for example look what a developer said into my Rep Gun -bug section- thread: ranged weapons even have a different behavior about penetrating -or not- dead bodies! Both Rep Gun and BoP can’t penetrate a SV… but only BoP can penetrate a SV when dead!).

Regardless if it’s a bug or not, imho it would be nice if bows had the particularity of the absence of the reload time (how ElfBow has)… I can really understand your words: ManBow’s reload can be considered a shorter Handgun’s reload… but firing with an Handgun you know really clearly if the next bullet is “ready” or not… while, with ManBow, can happen the awkward situation that you think the arrow is ready, you take the bow but you get a delay that can even kill you!
As I was writing, it doesn’t seem a very intuite mechanics… nor it stacks well with bows’ style.

I know, you can look to ammo counter… but in the confusion of the frenetic action it’s a distraction and you can also forget it.

I mean: this is both a thread where I ask a clarification and I give a suggest (if it’s not a bug)… obvly, imho.

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Aye, that’s what I said.

I agree with you on this one. All the other ranged weapons are optimally kept loaded in reserve so that you can use them instantly. I can’t really imagine anyone running around with a “loaded” bow. It would be equally silly if Sienna could precharge a staff or Bardin keep his drakdfire weapons ready to blast of a charged attack.

With that said, no matter which is intentional, the man bow could use some love.

Manbow is kept loaded if you load it. If you shoot and instantly switch to melee and then back you have to reload, shooting and reloading and then switching still keeps the arrow loaded.

Yes, now imagine having a bow strapped on your back with an arrow nocked. (autocorrect really hate nocked)

There was a response to soul that listed plenty of ranged weapons that you actually reload and can keep loaded, saying that a ranged weapon is a ranged weapon. To me it would be totally immersion breaking to even consider having a bow strapped on your back, loaded and good to go. :smirk: