A little bit of more Penetration for Empire Bow

Hi! I don’t mean that Longbow is a bad weapon, but in my opinion a little bit of more penetration (on full charged arrows) would be really appreciated!

It’s anticlimactic think to an Huntsman who takes aim, pulls bowstring, slowly, immobile in the middle of the battle (with all the risks)… and then see his arrow stops on few naked chaos boys/rats (Cataclysm) before to reach the target.
Specially if we think that Crossbow, a weapon that just pops-up and shoots, no delay or zoom needed, has the same penetration (and both of them can 1SBS Fire, Ratling, Assassin and 1SHS almost everything -Cataclysm-).

Moreover I don’t think this would make Empire Longbow overpower against hordes… since rate of fire would remain pretty slow (indeed current best strategy is spam light arrows).



I agree.

Here I wrote a thread where I propose some ideas, but I like yours too. Very simple and it could be effective.