Empire Longbow Mechanics Issues

I was hoping to get opinions on the state of this weapons mechanics, or Dev confirmation of if these changes are intentional. The 2.0 patch had the following note which changed the aim mechanics of the Empire Longbow:

** Fixed scaling sync between chain actions and animation so they match. Result is sped up charged shot animations and live-matching attack chains.*

However, this change unintentionally breaks the weapon’s mechanics. Now when you go to aim, it zooms in almost immediately, but not actually immediately like Kerillian’s bow. Instead, it stays unzoomed for a quick moment (not long enough to acquire your target), then it abruptly zooms all the way in, resulting in an FoV shift that throws off your tracking of the target that you began in that first moment while it was unzoomed. While this is happening, if you were holding a direction when the zoom in started, the crosshair accuracy blooms out even though you are no longer moving. After another few moments, the accuracy then shrinks back up.

The end result when trying to use this weapon is a series rapidly pulsating FoVs that disorient the player, accompanied by negative accuracy bloom, both of which make the weapon extremely cumbersome to use. It either needs to zoom in and gain accuracy in one smooth motion like Kerillian’s bow and Saltzpyre/Bardin’s crossbow, or go back to having a much longer delay before zooming in.


Return it to the way it was. I liked to be able to choose between normal and zoomed shots without losing damage. It made the bow feel different to Kerillian’s aswell.


As in everything or just the zoom? I really like how smooth the bow is to use now, but the zoom I would rather have as it was on a longer delay.

I havent noticed anything change other than the zoom, which immediately made me not play with it at all. The delay before zooming actually makes me feel sick because its out of sync with my input and its way too sudden.

So yeah, I would like to see the zoom returned to how it was, three stages basically, draw for a split-second, then shoot for reduced damage, draw for half a second for full damage non-zoom, draw longer for full damage full zoom.

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