A quirk of the new damage scaling?

I was just fooling around in the keep with my friends, and noticed something interesting on Empire Longbow: On the Empire Longbow, headshotting armored enemies with normal armor, namely Stormvermin (or the armored dummies) behaves strangely. A light charged shot produces slightly higher damage on them than a heavy charge. This was confirmed on “live” conditions on modded realm, and was tested by my friend too. Also on the regular dummies, a light or heavy charge produces the same damage on headshot. As this affects specifically normal armor headshots, I’m guessing this is a quirk of the newly modified headshot damage scaling. On super armor, the shots work as expected, as they do on other enemy categories.

The damage difference isn’t significant enough (and doesn’t hit sweet spots) to change the number of shots needed to kill, even on Harder, Better, Faster Stronger Deeds (my dummies show 5550 on light charge, 5200 on heavy, with some bonuses), but it’s interesting to note nonetheless. I’ve no idea (for now) if other weapons behave similarly.

And yes, I understand this could be considered a bug, but as it doesn’t seem to hit breakpoints or otherwise affect anything significant for now, I consider it more of a curiosity. Thus, the Feedback section rather than Bugs.

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