Huntsman boss killing too strong?

It may even be bugged, but you can down some bosses in less than 5 seconds using the LB.

Sorry if I’m late to the party, I finally got around to playing Huntsman and it’s the most overpowered thing I’ve played yet. The amount of crit and ammo rejuv is just insane too.

It should be said that Huntsman can kill any elites, specials, and mow down hordes with ease. Using Halberd as your melee is just overkill. Being able to do that much damage to bosses makes it probably the strongest class in the game IMO.


He is extremely squishy and has no damage reduction or super-blender-dodge weapons like WS to keep him alive when melee. Halberd is strong, but you still take hits with it. He certainly doesn’t have enough ammo regen to just spam wildly.

I’ve played a lot of HS, and more recently WS. The murder wife consistently gives more kills, more damage overall and less damage taken.

I think HS being able to delete CW and certain bosses is more than welcome to make him an interesting choice.


If you use 1x lmb > block cancel over and over again, you’ll rarely take damage. When you feel pressured push once and start again. Against elites just use your push attack for headshots.

If you have a half decent aim as him you can pretty much kill everything in sight and rarely run out of ammo. I don’t think him being squishy justifies being able to kill elites, bosses and hordes as fast as he does and from the safety of range. It’s just ridiculous.

You don’t even need the ult to kill CW, you can just spam headshots or headshot > body shots. He also makes patrols a bit of a joke, especially if you have a potion.


In a perfect world, block canceling works. In the real world, you can’t rely on perfect team, and you end up with trash behind you and to the sides, and it is far, far easier to handle a huge spread out horde with dancing and fencing it in with SnD or SnS than it ever will be with something like the Halberd.

Add to this that his lb demands more skill than comparable ranged weapons, and I’d say HS is fine the way he is.

He is strong, sure, and can be very strong in very skilled hands. You can’t balance for the top 1% however, and unless you’re godmode at melee and aim, he goes down a lot more than say WS.


As 50% of careers in VT2

Agree, she does on average. But it doesn’t matter. As Hobo you can just chillax and let the team do the job for you, until boss, CW or patrol appears . His OverPoweredness comes from the fact, that he eliminates the strongest threats this game has to offer with complete ease. And no, this is not balanced by his other weak spots. Some game mechanics should never appear in games, and being able to 5 sec a boss - is one of these mechanics. It eliminates the hardest threat from the game and makes the game 10 times easier, which should not happen.

This argument is irrelevant, case it applies to every career in the game, not just Huntsman.

Strongly disagree. Halberd is the most op, most easy to use weapon in the game. Idk what you’re talking about. And with Huntsman bow you can just always shoot body. You gonna run out of ammo this way, but you don’t have to spam it and you can always recharge ammo on hordes thanks to passive crit and crazy piercing.


You have completely ignored my arguments just to push your own opinion.

Not having a perfect team does happen to every career.

Having a weapon that can reliably dodge and deal with such situations EZ does NOT happen to all careers. Kruber has no such weapon. Saltz and Keri does, for instance.


Why dodge when you can kill? Halberd™

P.S. Afaik Halberd has 0.95 dodge multiplier and 3 dodge count. Also Kruber has mace with 1.2 dodge distance. Still not persuaded?


He is stupidly strong with longbow at downing bosses if you have the skill. Have a slightly off day aiming, or have a couple too many cans of Stella and you’re suddenly on the floor getting pummeled. Running out of ammo suddenly makes him a bit of a coward who runs from the key enemies and scurries around picking things off until you find ammo again.

Land headshots and he feels OP, but you’ve got to land the headshots to keep up your ammo and take out the big boys. I can down a Troll with Unchained + Fireball staff in roughly the same time by spanking RMB fireball and detonate+Conc Pot to clear overcharge.

Whether Halberd is OP is for another thread. Take out the Halberd and play him with 1h mace and suddenly he is very OP in ranged vs bosses(which could arguably be his sole role-design?), and very squishy in hordes and vs surprise patrols… IMO balanced when NOT using Halberd.


We will just have to agree to disagree. I take a lot of annoying hits when I Halberd, because of poor dodge, and slow movement while holding block.

Meanwhile I shred through scattered hordes with ease with SnD / DnD and only take damage when I make a mistake.

I just happen to think Halberd isn’t as good as everyone thinks, it’s just that it’s better than the other trash Kruber has available.


cough mace

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Yeah the mace shreds hordes like the SnD and SnS? Please they’re not remotely comparable.

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I agree. The mace animation sequence forces you to 1-2-block or you will take hits on the 3rd hit (which is a single target strike) from mobs to the sides. It kills way slower than the Halberd/SnD.


The mobility is awesome and massively increases your survivability.

I still don’t see how killing bosses this quickly can ever be justified. When my friend used to play and top every game as Kruber, 1shotting bosses with the LB, I thought he was landing consistant headshots. Now I’m playing it I’ve realised it’s just spam damage.


I’ll have to test unchained.

Going from any other class and having to land headshots constantly made him so easy to kill everything as though. As other classes, seeing a crit shot on a SV is a god send. This just feels ridiculous. And yes I’ve played BH, that’s easier to make work, but still not as op, imo.

I’ve only seen Huntsman with Bow and Halberd. Never played Huntsman myself

If, and I mean IF, the Huntsman-Player knows what to do, i can sit and sharpen my daggers because my shade lost her work. Yes, he’s squishy, but afaik there are only 2 classes which are not (IB & Unchained)

I won’t argue that it isn’t strong, especially against bosses. Considering the rather lackluster state of the other Kruber careers, and his lackluster range of both melee and ranged, I definitely think HS needs to be kept fun and strong until (if) they decide to rework Kruber and his host of trash gear.

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Zealot would like a word with that “squishy” list


Zealot… Last time played was… well before 1.0.7. xD
Was he squishy? Don’t know anymore. Too much shading…

Are you saying hes squishy? Sorry if I’m misunderstanding, cause he’s a beast.

I don’t understand. Merc is awesome with Hal, 2H Hammer and Exe (probably other weapons too), and Foot Knight is completely viable as a tanky role. The point is that they aren’t melting bosses. Even Shade only chunks bosses with ult up.