Huntsman - Bodyshot Headshots (Sure Shot 2.0)

After the Big Balance Beta has ended, Huntsman had some nice changes passed around onto him, but I feel like they didn’t really affect his main problems after all.

Right now, Huntsman is a career with an incredibly high skill floor which also tries to fill an oversaturated niche of a ranged damage dealer (filled by Bounty Hunter, Waystalker, and Pyromancer).
It can shine in the hands of masters, but for a big part of the playerbase, he is a chair with a spiky seat.

I was thinking…
Would it be a good idea to bring back the “Sure Shot” as a talent? Make it “save” headshots up to 3 stacks and generate them in some way with melee.
This way, a newbie would have easier time taking advantage of Huntsman’s innate “headshot-focused” nature, while veteran players could use it as a “panic talent” for situations where aiming is not an option.

Yes, it has a chance of becoming a “crutch-talent”, so it should probably be put on the same row as the “+50% Headshot damage” talent (lvl10), to make them compete with each other.

What do you think, people, should Sure Shot be brought back as a talent?

  • Yes
  • No

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gotta be honest I’m not a fan of headshots being available without actually landing a headshot

I liked the bonus power on headshot talent a lot, they could bring that back and make it a passive replacing the crit aura (maybe even make it work in melee)

that way even if you’re only landing say, 30% of your headshots you’re still getting some reward for it and you can perform a bit better in melee


The idea behind my suggestion is to make Sure Shot be something, that doesn’t define the entire class, but instead gives people an option.

Mechanic of “I landed 1 headshot, so now I can do 1 bodyshot with all the bonuses” would still reward people for going for the heads, when possible, but also add a bit of a safety net to ease in the periods, when their aim is not as reliable (for example fighting a Chaos Spawn)
And the melee stack generation could be thrown away if needed.

I think monster damage is the only time I felt like it was justified, chaos spawns and minotaurs in particular. I wouldn’t mind stacking headshot damage only for bosses, as I feel that’s where he struggles the most.

Maybe controversial, but why does huntsman need a safety net?
Why are we not giving ‘sure shot’ mechanics to other things, such as; whc deathknell, conservative shooter; shade huntress talent with dd;… Those are all skillfull talents, all require headshots to trigger.

I don’t understand why huntsman needs to be able to proc his headshot talent easily on an enemy in every animation.
Yes certain enemies are hard to headshot, such as; chaos spawn, assassin’s, gasrats. Chaos spawn it’s difficult, true, but it’s part of the skill and you can learn it, assassin’s you can wait untill they will face you, or just shoot a bodyshot, gasrats, just learn that their headshot position isn’t on their head and ur good.

Then you could say: 'but how about people that cannot headshot at all, why not give them an option?". I mean sure, but then i would add a bodyshot talent, or a generalist, ‘enemy hit gives x’ talent. Not something that gives headshot bonusses by not headshotting.

The only thing i think could be fine, is if you can store headshots by doing headshots. But even then i don’t see it’s needed. How many times do you need the headshot on a special? On chaos spawn i could understand it, but you’ll most likely be in ult, have a pot active, you’ll miss a couple headshots, how much will that impact?

Also wanna point out, i’m a sienna main, so i cannot headshot at all, and i do fine, even with missing headshots. I don’t see sure shot to be required.


Maybe you misunderstood me, but my idea was “You have to pick one: either you pick Sure Shot, or you take +50% headshot damage”.
I am not asking to combine talents. I am suggesting to add a new talent, which would have to compete with other talents in the row.

The only way I could see Sure Shot coming back would be on the same row as One in the Eye and require some kind of activation e.g every x shot.

Possibly an ult talent but there’s the blunderbuss issue (Blunderbuss headshots were stupidly OP during ult)

I’d much prefer talents that make Huntsman headshots more rewarding and more interesting ult talents. Like Haste from V1 during Hunter’s Prowl (6 seconds of increased fire rate & Bottomless clip on a base 90 second cooldown)

A reworked (I don’t mean something like what we saw during beta) Sure Shot seems, to me, perfectly legit… it’s true: other careers haven’t any way to get a “free headshot”… but these careers have Bloodshot and Blessed Shot… wich are, for sure, NOT a weaker option.

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We might aswell just change his talents at this point. Just add a mechanic like bounty hunter has, make his talents not proc on headshots but proc on his new passive, and voila.

I just saw your answer. Yea on the row of one in the eye is more fine. I’m just against being able to activate his headshot activated talents by bodyshotting or just doing something else. I think he should keep his headshot identity but give him a bit more room to make mistakes. It can be sure shot, it can be a completely different thing that gives him a bit more mistake room, i don’t mind. i just want it to be obtainable by doing headshots before, and i don’t want it to become something where bodyshotting ends up being better and a replacement for headshotting.

Sure… I’m opened to more options.

I actually think Sure Shot isn’t a terrible idea, but only as a passive. Getting a headshot gives you 1 stack of Sure Shot. Only 1 stack and no more. That’s it. Everyone get’s headshots from time to time, and everyone misses as well from time to time. Sure Shot as a passive would help with that, and lower the skill ceiling for the career, without crashing it into the floor, and would work just fine with blunderbuss since you wont be getting headshots with it anyways. Seems good to me.

I would go even further. make it a passive, but add a cooldown on it. You can only ‘store’ 1 headshot and after using it a cooldown of 10 seconds starts. (numbers can be changed).

Making it a passive would lead to power creep unless we throw out one of the others he has.

But I REALLY don’t want to suggest changing around the passives simply to avoid even a slight chance of conflicting with “Fatshark’s Vision” of the character. Because they are the ones who have the final say and asking too much from them will inevitably lead to problems in one form or another (be it outright dismissal of the idea, or just a poor implementation of it).

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I don’t think it would be that problem… personal opinion, sure, but Huntsman’s passives are nothing too special or unique.

I mean: double range and more ammo are pretty common among ranged careers.
Crit aura could be cool… but the range is really too small (old auras’ problem).
1 ammo on headshot not only stacks badly with Blunderbuss and Repgun… but it’s simply a Conservative Shooter.

They already tried removing Waste Not, Want Not in exchange for Sure Shot.
People started a riot, and for a good reason, I think.

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Yea because waste not want not was a pretty bad choice, actually the only passive people care about. i wouldnt be so sure alot of players would of complained if they removed 5% crit aura.
Also replacing a talent with sure shot would also remove certain synergies that already exist.

There are other ways of rewarding headshots than simply more POWAH or guaranteeing next headshot.

On a single talent line there needs to be something that favours Rep Gun and BLunder, and others that favour Handgun and Bow, like BH ult has the double shotted and crowd clear (in theory… I know crowd clear doesn’t get a look in)

Using a single skill like SureShot will buff the first two or the second two leaving some of HS weapons lackluster. They need a tailored skill line that makes a player choose between increased accuracy and damage(would favour HG and Bow) and increased spread/penetration/range ( would favour Rep Gun and BB) although they could be interchangable.

If we’re going to rehash SureShot, I’d have something like a Headshot guarantees next elite+ headshot within X seconds. 5? 10? 2? Don’t know. But it’d reward the sniper/hunter killer style HS is aiming for I think making clearing very long range elites a niche and skill type.

This’d still nacker Blunder and Rep Gun I think though but they need a seperate skill tailored for them…

I am not sure what you meant to say…
Do you mean “Headshot guarantees the next shot against Elite enemy to also count as a headshot for X amount of seconds”?
If yes, then it would definetely become a crutch, because people will just fish out 1 headshot with a Repeater, and then unload the whole clip with guaranteed headshots, because the “timer” would benefit rapid fire weapons (repeater, bow) much more than the ones with low fire rate (Blunderbuss, Handgun).

So instead of enabling Handgun to be more “noob friendly”, it will just make it even less desirable, while also making Repeater even better at doing it’s job as a side effect.

I meant that a singleheadshot in the next X seconds would be free. Player would need to get another Headshot outside of timer to restart timer for second free headshot.

Awkward way of saying 1 headshot for free(within the timer) once you score a legit headshot. Headshots in timer don’t restart timer or guarantee next headshot.

I am personally not a fan of it, but this might be just because of my own prejudice.

But his part does concern me. This would actually discourage people from doing “legit” headshots when they have the buff available, because of a subconscious need to take advantage of the effect.

Simple solution is to actually just restart the timer on legit headshots, to encourage the person to “keep up the buff”. A form of positive reinforcement, so to say.

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