Suggestion for changing Huntsman's Ultimate

I think a lot of people (myself included) really miss being able to one-shot chaos warriors on Legend with Huntsman’s ultimate. Maybe the first thing he hits after using his ultimate (that reveals him) could take a large amount of dmg and then every other attack for the remainder of the 6 seconds could be somewhat weaker. That would enable players to at least be able to one-shot one chaos warrior but not enable them to annihilate bosses.

It is a nice compromise in my opinion. I hope you will consider this for the future.

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There was a similar post 3 days ago already.

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Well giving him a headshot bonus during ult to reach the CW kill wouldn’t be bad.
Or like NikKotovski mentioned I have my own ideas.

Now his active is TRASH… just few more damage to have crounch animation, darker screen, fov reduction.
Irrilevant against bosses and useless against CWs (killing patrol was his role).

At least we should return to 1.0.7: good damage to bosses and CWs killed by two bodyshot.

Otherwise we could have auto-headshot with active but without multiplier… more or less same damage but we could use our talents headshot based.

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There literally needs to be only one thing: change him back to how he was in 1.0.7., he was in a very good spot.


Generally he should have a higher headshot damage bonus, it’s so silly that they reduced it with the recent patch.

@OP The first hit out of ult is probably the worst though, because of your aim getting messed up. Would be kinda annoying to miss the high damage buff due to that. I personally would rather have a rework that allows huntsman to use the skill to actually reposition and then ambushing, rather than the ambush consisting of you disappearing for half a second before shooting from the same spot you just disappeared from.

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Yeah something needs to be done to his ult regardless. If it’s going to stay this clunky, it certainly needs the 1.07 damage and headshot damage to come back, or they just need to rework the whole thing.

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Nope. His post is different. He is suggesting changing the ult to something that resembles the shade’s ult. I want a hybrid of the two. Totally different. I do not think it would be a good idea to make it a “one and done.” I like the idea, however, of a powerful first shot that reveals your presence and then somewhat increased dmg output for the remainder of the 6 seconds.

Yes but you can reveal yourself at any time. You don’t have to reveal yourself a half second after you ult. My point is that you would be able to take even 5 seconds if you wanted to. 5 seconds to reposition yourself and then reveal with first most powerful shot. But the benefit of revealing faster is that your dmg output would remain somewhat elevated for the remainder of the ult.

That wasn’t quite clear from your OP and even rereading it i do not get that impression, even with that knowledge. I’d suggest editing it to more explicitly state this.

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