Some boring ult reworks ideas

So here are some rework ideas for ults i find boring or underwhelming(or both).
WHC: Holds a amulet that emits very bright light in his right hand for 4 seconds like that:

While holding, it would blind basic enemies that face in your direction in a 200 degree cone for 3 second(after you put it down or turn the other way), but you cannot attack. Blinded enemies would take guaranteed crits. Bosses and elites are blinded for 0,25 seconds after you turn around or the ult ends.
So the talents would be:

  1. Repelling animosity: increase duration to 5 seconds, knock back all enemies on the cast.
  2. Burning hatred: blinded enemies now take burn damage every second( something like 400 per tick on 600HP)
  3. Enough for everyone: you can now cancel your ult, and for every second left you get 17% cd back

Unchained: her ult is fine, now that it can cancell the blowup, but i feel like that’s all that it does tbh. So my idea is: let Unchained chagre her ult for 1 second, and for each 0,25s charging you get additional 15% radius and 1 tick of fire dot. So you can be actual living bomb, and also annoy your allies even more.

Handmaiden: i fell like her charge is pretty… meh? It looks so funny from the side though. But still i think it would be nice if she actually sliced with her melee weapon while “charging”, and also dealt like a little instant damage, just so it would be there( i know about dot). And that derpy very fast running animation your allies see can be improved in many different ways. Maybe just let her slide while slashing with her melee weapon(CW can do it, so we also should).

Zealot: yet another charge, yes. I kinda think he needs completely different ult, but i don’t have any good ideas for that, nor do i really play him. Maybe he’s fine, or maybe some of you have something sick for him in mind, let me know.

Huntsman: just remove that crouching, and also let me actually see something. Well that and i think he needs his guaranteed crits during ult back, along with RV;

And that would be it.

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I like the Unchained idea. Though I’d probably increase the channel time a bit. Probably up to 2 seconds on 0.5s ticks. It’d make it a bit more tactical, because 1 second really isn’t a long time for such a large benefit.

The current WHC ult is admittedly “meh”. I like your idea with a blinding cone, but I’d see it a bit more directional rather than a large 200 degree sweep. I picture it putting enemies in the same defenseless state that they would be to Bardin’s ult. Example being that shielded enemies don’t block his attacks.
So if you shine the light on enemies it leaves them somewhat dazed, disrupting attacking and defending. It could be a difference maker if you pull a patrol.


Super love your idea for WHC. It would be more useful and also would look just super badass. His current ult is just lame and not very useful compared to most other ults.

For Handmaiden, I think some visual tweaks like the slash with her melee weapon would be sweet, even without extra damage. I think extra damage would make it a little too good; it’s already borderline OP with the 3 seconds of stealth talent.

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I meant something like 100 damage, but i think the ult itself is not op, it’s the talent that is.

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I agree with that. I think if they made the stealth break on attacking that would balance it out nicely.

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