[Rework] Unchained

Mostly for fun suggestions, UC is already a great pick just wanting to fine tune some talents and such to have more synergy. Also mentioned in news she could use some refinements! https://steamcommunity.com/app/552500/eventcomments/1752399266008866084

Unstable Strength - Gain 10% Power per stack (being more clear about damage boost, 6 stacks no longer available)

Slave to Aqshy - No Overcharge slow down, passive heat decays take 100% longer. (maybe)

Tier 2

Frenzied Flames – Gain 3% Attack Speed per Stack of Unstable Strength (or Gain 1% Attack Speed for 1st Stack of Unstable Strength and doubles for every succeeding stack 1/2/4/8/16)
Low Burners (Searing Grasp) – Gain 15% Range Damage and lose 3% per Stack of Unstable Strength

Stoking the Fire (Chain Reaction) – Enemies Hit by melee attacks burn for extra damage (think flense)

Tier 4

Conduit - Venting converts health to temp health and increased vent rate by 50%.
Trial by Fire (Numb to Pain) - After not taking damage for 10 seconds reduces next damage source by 50%

Tier 5

Burning Dregs - After reaching full overheat trigger living bomb losing 50% health & 50% Overcharge, 60 second ICD.

Eternal Flame(Natural Talent) - Reduce overcharge generation by 25%, but overcharge no longer decays passively.

Tier 6

Fueling the Flames (Fuel for the Fire) – increases living bomb damage and radius by 20% per stack of Unstable Strength, Gain last unstable strength for 10 seconds or until surpassed.

Chain Reaction (Flame Wave) – Enemies hit by living bomb become a new living bomb exploding after 1 second at 50% reduced damage, enemies can only become a living bomb once.

Fire Storm (Flame Wave) – Reduce damage & Overheat taken by 5% per enemy hit by Living Bomb for 10 seconds, stacks up to 10x.

Bomb Balm - Grants 30 temp health to self and allies, reduces cooldown up to 50% based on lower overheat.

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Some good ideas, some bad ideas.

Generic Feedback Post™ as follows:

-Frenzied Flames: Better then a hard cutoff, I likey.
-Searing Grasp: I like the replacement, numbers need tweaked, but I’d rather see the original talent fixed since it opens up a support build - honestly this is an Enfeebling Flames issue.
-Stoking The Fire: A good option if Chain Reaction can’t be fixed.
-Conduit: Don’t touch my Conduit. Unless it’s to move it Pyromancer :stuck_out_tongue:
-Trial By Fire: A version of this exists on HM, it’s very bad there, mostly because of firendly fire triggering it.
-Burning Dregs: Similar to my own suggestion (triggers at overload, costs health, 60s ICD). Doesn’t need to reset Living Bomb, that’s too much.
-Ults: The ult needs more then just fine tuning, it needs re-imagined. It doesn’t work like other classes ults, and it needs to be balanced in light of what it is.

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Thanks per feedback.

-Trial by Fire, I like the HM talent other than team ff but for UC would almost be needed as a BH auto crit can often trigger her overheat.

-Burning Dregs, yerp going for overkill balance than none numbers and such elements can/should be tuned throught out post.

-Ults, FS describes it as being reimagined and as a loss to power but her ult is really a big safety button more than dps boost. Tried giving it more utilities such as bomb balm and defensive buffs.

I really like these ideas.


Thanks, Chain Reaction just sounds fun! Eternal Flame sounds practical and less micro managing heat gains

Last thought while its in development, adjusting living bomb talents to reward higher overheat is kind of pointless as its now usable while overheating… but if you reward its usage for delaying while literally overheating to explosion for say some % damage based on delay & lower health could be a unique talent.

Not sure how long you have until you explode tho… kind of the interesting part.