Some ideas for Unchained rework

First of all, i’m not veteran, nor i know everything about the game, so i might just be wrong and she’s completely fine. She is actually, but i just feel like her design is flawed.

My reasons for that would be:

  1. She’s supposed to be melee career, which she is absolutely not. You either deal melee damage on par with some of the other ranged classes and risk dying from a random backstab no matter how high your actual hp is, or you are relatively tanky but deal low melee damage and don’t use ranged weapon. That just doesnt feel right to me.
  2. She is punished the most for using her ranged weapon, as her overcharge is her ‘real’ hp bar, though you can went alot more than on other 2 careers. And that would be awesome if only 2 other careers actually needed to went.

So what i would change:
When reachin max overcharge she instead of dying enters “Living Flame” state for 15 seconds, or whatever you want to call it. In that state Blood magic is no longer working, and for the duration her overcharge decays from 100% to 0%. Also you cannot use your ranged weapon for the duration and lose 2% of current hp per second, but gain 20% AtSp, 50% increased cleave and stagger and have all 6 stacks of Unstable strenght for the duration. After it ends she has AtSp and MS slowed by 20% for 5 seconds and cannot use ranged weapon, though Blood magic is working again.
Using Living bomb while Living Flame is active gets overcharge back to full instead for removing it, but also deals 100% more damage in 100% bigger radius, removes health decay\second. and gets cooldown bar back at 30%.

Numbers are is no way absolutely balanced, i just wanted to share the idea i’ve got i while ago.

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