Unchained rework

unchained is in a weird place.
must manage both heat and vital.
50% damage converted into heat but overheated will instantly knock her down.
melee damage increased per heat is very unusable and risky.
thus id suggest to increase her max heat as vital goes down.
in that way she can cast more spells, and traits will be more viable.

eh, I don’t know about this. She’s already really strong, and can throw a lot magic before she over heats. She has a lot more HP than the other Sienna jobs as well, so she can vent a lot more. With one of her talents even speeding up and reducing damage taken from venting. Can also build her for 100% block rate that reduces overheat. But, he damage stacks are sick, especially with the new weapon. Crowbill with overheat can just light attack spam patrols and solo them. I’d say she’s really strong and in a good place. Just takes a bit more skill to use with damage causing her to explode if she’s not careful.


myself dont have any problem with heat management. but this seems unfair.
the large health pool dont even matter if one can be downed just for overheat.
id be totally fine if she dont heated as damage taken or overheated wont knock her down.
when using heat weapons can be knocked if being too offensive, but being offensive and defensive both knock unchained.

This is a gambling mechanic. You mantaining high overcharge for high damage output while you have your ult ready, and venting it manually or from block if ult on cooldown. You have to pay something for 50% damage reduction and damage bonus (not really remember the numbers).


Unchained does not need a rework, but I think she’s just too STRONG with a few builds. Building for CDR with Heat reduction on the staves means she can put out very high amounts of Fireballs/Bolts etc before needing to vent - far more than her other classes. Add ina Str Pot and she can chunk damage bosses too.

Once you’ve spammed your staff to get up to red overcharge you can windmill into almost anything and plough through a lot with the Crowbill. Even prior to Crowbill a 1h sword used properly was pretty powerful and hordes are a minor inconvenience.

The last time I blew up and died was due to being maybe a 2 or 1 man left and getting cornered and battered. In regular play you can usually dodge about and unless you’re quite careless you can build Ult to vent.

I think Unchained is one of the very few classes that are unique, offer something to the group that can’t be done by others, and is a riot to play.


UC is fine, if anything perhaps a tiny bit too strong. It’s BW that needs a rework - what role is it supposed to fill anyway?

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Meanwhile ironbreaker can perform better or the same i dont see any reason to pick sienna over the top. Maybe its just an bardin being overpwered

UC puts out a lot more damage then ironbreaker, and can soak a lot of HP if you manage heat carefully.

That’s really the key, if you are not good at managing overheat, UC will be bad, but if you get good at it then UC is a wrecking ball.

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Yea… I’m not sure what you’re talking about. UC will nearly always out damage an IB. The only time an IB does decent with damage is the flamethrower, which I’m still hoping Fatshark will accidentally deleted. Most annoying weapon in the game and literally causes wipes. I mean, UC sienna with damage stacks can 1 shot SV with the crowbill. She can murder-kill patrols and burn bosses down extremely fast from range with fireball staff.

Indeed i was hoping for the same thing. Drakefire is overpowered.

Interesting i personally found UC to be near overpowered level considering the only thing you need is some heat management skills to pretty much gain crazy DR, damage and ranged potential. Heck you can take the block thing to vent stuff if you really are struggling with it to make it even more manageable.

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